ABOUT ME – Allison Rose Clark

I am a single mum of three handsome young men – twins 17 and a 9 year old. My dream is to be an author, which, as I write this, is under way. One book down, a children’s book series in the process and a another one on the drawing board. It’s so exciting having got to this stage! My journey has just begun and already I have big plans for when all this thrusts me into Best Seller status. You have to be positive 🙂

Life has been a constant battle of living just above the poverty line since I was 19. I am now in my 40’s. It’s a horrible feeling to find holes in your kids shoes, only for them to tell you that they’ve been like that for months and didn’t say anything because they knew there was no money to buy any, and suddenly the dawning of truth about wet socks hits hard.

I was first introduced to poetry at the tender age of 10. Year 4 taught me words could be used to express yourself. And so started my love affair with writing! All through school, both Primary and High Schools, I was always commended on my talent, attention to detail and how I could grab a reader’s interest in the first paragraph whenever I wrote anything – speech, poetry, essay, book review, analysis of a piece of writing. To date, I have written 250 poems. I even created a booklet of my poems suitable for blank cards and card makers. Around 6 were sold to my card making craft group in 2007. It is with joy that I received news that one of those ladies still has my booklet today. It was a moment of pride!

Having said all of that, I would like to add that I am an outgoing person who feels excited by life most days. A joy lives in my heart nearly 24/7. Most things are exciting new beginnings, challenges, and/or opportunities. I will give most things a go – there’s a first time for everything I say 🙂

Dragonflies are amazing little creatures! They are a symbol of who I am – mostly misunderstood and disliked for no reason and more beautiful than a lot of people realise. In many cultures, they represent life and new life. That’s why I love them and have one tattooed on my shoulder.

Orange and yellow are my favourite colours as they are bright and cheery. For me, they feel like, and represent, energy, power, light, happy, excitement, and beauty. Sunrises and sunsets can’t exist without orange or yellow – the promises of new beginnings! I can’t help but smile in the presence of orange and yellow.

Even though life has it’s ways of being unpredictable and being more like a roller coaster ride than a pleasant drive in the country, there is no other way I would have it. I gladly take challenge over boring any day!

4 thoughts on “ABOUT ME – Allison Rose Clark

  1. Your description of being a dragonfly struck me. Last Sunday at church on of our congregation talked about a grub that spent most of it’s life in the mud a couldn’t believe there was anything else to life. He then changed into a dragonfly and was able to soar above the mud and see the world from a completely different perspective.

    As christian we have a new life, and God has placed in us an ability to soar above our circumstances and see things from a new perspective!

    You are indeed a dragonfly.

    God Bless you,



    • Hi Matt
      I have heard the story you speak of. A colleague gave it to me one day so I have it written down somewhere.
      The dragonfly story can teach us just as much, if not more, than the butterfly story.
      And thank you for your compliment. I am indeed a dragonfly – a survivor!
      Also please accept my apologies for taking so long to respond to you 🙂
      Allison Rose Clark 🙂


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