Mount Everest Is Nothing But A Hill

moutainsEncouraging myself to keep going, trudging along and moving onto the next door when one closes, is sometimes difficult. It can feel so overwhelming! Mount Everest would be easier to climb!

It’s funny how an issue can start out as something small and insignificant, and then in a few moments become so big, it is hard to see any light shining in at all.

Take a tiny stone in your shoe for instance. It is this little thing rolling around under your foot, getting under your toes and every now and then causing pain in a way something so small should not be able to inflict. My mind compares it to being stabbed with a pin! After a while, that tiny pebble becomes so irritating that it starts to effect the way you walk and the concentration you had on where you were heading is
interrupted. You have to stop and attend to the distraction so you can put it in the
perspective that it needs to be – a little stone in your shoe.

tiny pebbleThe encouragement here is, if you stop to actually look at the issue, and deal with it, then it isn’t nearly as big as your mind has made it out to be.

A counsellor once told me, “Your thoughts aren’t facts, just thoughts. They don’t necessarily speak truth.”

When I stopped and understood that statement, it made turning negative thoughts around a lot easier. It has helped in my self-talk and determining if the thought is worth listening to or not. Through this, I have seen a growth in my honesty towards myself, a different way of dealing with the issues which arise out of nowhere, and an admission that I need help sometimes. I’m not Wonder Woman, damn it!

When my mountain rises out of the ocean, threatening to dwarf me in the dark forever, there is one more thing I like to remind myself of…………..the courage, strength and fight to live that exists in the soul of one of my friends battling cancer. In moments, my
Everest shrinks to a hill. Perspective clears the way for reality of my situation to show
itself from behind the fog. I’m encouraged to keep fighting my own battle, issues and a hillcircumstances, though not as serious, but still a challenge to me. May I encourage you
all to do the same when you feel like you’re facing an Everest – don’t give up. Find a new way of looking at the mountain, and you just might see a hill.

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