Dreamt? Imagined? Real?

Today is Wednesday 28th September 2016. It is 11:35am. I’ve been up for an hour and a half. The last couple of nights, weird things have been happening in the early hours of dreamt buttonthe morning. The interruption to sleep is exhausting!

Three nights ago is when it all started……….

Night one – Sunday night……

I was asleep, dreaming probably, when I heard something fall. I woke straight up. It had been fairly loud and had come from the kitchen area, I think. Even though it was a shock, I didn’t stay startled for long. I dismissed it as probably the dog, and started to fall back to sleep. As I was about to drift off completely, I felt someone sit on my bed right next to me – not only did I feel them sit on the bed in a double movement, but I felt them touch me as well! Needless to say, I was wide awake now, and scared. Every sense was on high alert! What the hell was that?? It was pitch black. No street lights out here in the country where I am staying. My eyes were as wide as they could go but I could not see a thing! I could only hear for sounds. When it is quiet or not a lot of noise, I can hear ringing in my ears. When it is dead quiet it is louder. It means that on Sunday, I had to strain to hear past the ringing to tell if I was actually hearing anything at all. Not an easy task believe me!

My heart was racing a hundred miles an hour and I laid really still trying not to breathe too loud. Of course, I didn’t want whoever was there to know I was asleep in bed. I wanted them to think I wasn’t there! Logic doesn’t necessarily exist when you are scared, power of imaginationonly self preservation. So, there I was, trying not to make a sound or move, thinking wildly about grabbing my phone or quickly jumping out of bed and rolling under it (not even sure there is an under-the-bed). Obviously, they’d never find me there, or see my phone light, or hear me press the keys. Right?

But I didn’t grab my phone or roll under the bed. I laid stiff as a board, shallow breathing, straining my ears to hear the slightest of sounds, and with my eyes open so wide it felt like they were ready to pop out of my head. After lying there in this state for I don’t know how long, I eventually, very slowly, felt on the drawers next to the bed for my phone, grabbed it and clicked the on button so my phone would light up the room. Relief! There was no one there. Instantly, I started to relax and slow my breathing down. I laid back down, with my phone close by, just in case. A couple of times, I heard noises, but after checking with my phone light, eventually drifted off to sleep.

Night two – Tuesday night……

I climbed into bed after midnight when the movie I was watching on telly finished. I fiddled around a little bit, chatted with a friend who I had been worried about for the last 24 hours, and then laid down and fell asleep.

It was a restless sleep, waking up and turning a lot. During one of these awake moments, I heard something fall in the kitchen area again, and then what sounded like foot steps walking on carpet. (This place has rugs and floor boards, carpet only in the bedrooms). As I was listening, I heard something nearby and hit the wardrobe. Fear stiffened me and begged me to be silent. It seemed to be in the room! Unsurprisingly, it was another pitch ghostblack night – could see absolutely nothing! And like the other night, all my senses were in overdrive.

The noises of things falling and foot steps kept up for a while. It was during this that I told myself, “If I can’t see in this darkness, how can anyone else?” Then I started to calm down and see this for what it was – just noises, most likely of the house creaking with the cold weather. I started to drift off to sleep again. Just then, I heard noise near my side of the bed, and felt a sense of something there. I opened my eyes, which was of no use because it was still pitch black, and so closed them again attempting to slow my breathing and reminding myself of the they-can’t-see-either epiphany.  When I had calmed down enough, I rolled over to go back to sleep. At that precise moment, I heard an almighty voice, deep and male in tone, directly into my right ear. “BOO!” It was so loud and unexpected that I jumped 6 foot and there was pain in my ear. I have heard voices in my ear before, but they have always been incoherent whispers. This one was deafening! The only thing that got me to calm down this time and finally – finally! – go to sleep was singing quietly out loud a song I learnt in Sunday School as a kid – Jesus loves me.

Now, I don’t know if these events were imagined, dreamt, or real. I’ve had my fair share of experiencing weird happenings throughout my life, starting when I was 7, but it is still difficult to determine if what I hear and feel at night when it is dark, is real, my imagination or a dream.  As a Christian I firmly believe in the spiritual realm because Jesus says it exists and demonstrated it many times during His ministry. Many people have many different opinions, including other Christians and religions, but that is ok.

The reason I am sharing this experience with you is because even though I can’t determine its reality, it turned out there was nothing there. When I turned on a light, the truth was revealed – I was the only person in the room. My fear was based on what my mind conjured up from the noises. Many times in life, we come across things which we don’t fully understand or don’t have all the facts about. Regardless of that though, we will make a judgement, come to our own conclusion before we have all the information. But those judgements and conclusions don’t hold water until all the facts are gathered truth scrabble piecesand understood. Only then can an honest answer be found. When my sister was dating a few years ago, the guy she was seeing wasn’t responding to her messages, or answering his phone one day. She automatically judged that as he was ignoring her and didn’t want to be with her anymore. This conclusion caused her much heartache and was conjured up by her mind to match the situation.  When he got in touch with her eventually, it turned out his phone had gone through the wash, and he was calling her on his friend’s phone until he could get a new one. For me, only when a light was shone in my room, was I able to have all the facts, see all the nooks and crannies, and therefore, be assured of the truth.

Our minds can make things larger than they need to be. Make sure you have all the facts and information before judging or coming to a conclusion. Give space for the truth.

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