Wollongong Train StationA couple of weeks ago, I travelled by train to Sydney to meet up with a friend. We had arranged to have lunch together. On the train trip up, there were a few delays. First, the only toilet on the train wasn’t working and we had to stop at Wollongong train station to attach to more carriages. Second, the safety doors of one of the carriages wasn’t working properly and we found ourselves sitting at Bulli train station for it to be attended to.

While the train sat idle at these stations, I watched as the train crew members and passengers moved about, changed carriages or just stood there watching what was going on. During one of these stops, I looked at the platform itself. I was sitting on the bottom level of the carriage, so I was pretty much in line with it. The platform was anything but eye catching. There was nothing grand about it. It was drab, grey and devoid of life.

Or so it seemed.

Right in front of me, there was a fairly long crack. My eyes followed the crack along the little-green-fernplatform. Nothing exciting really. It was just a crack. And I was bored. Then, all of a sudden, life presented itself – a little green fern growing from the crack. In amongst the lifeless concrete and tar, life had found a way to conquer the seemingly inhabitable environment.

The remaining of the ride to Sydney was uneventful. I had plenty of time to think. The main thing that kept creeping into my mind was the little green fern in the platform crack. It amazed me. Why was it not a weed, or something else more commonly found growing in cracks? There was no shrubbery nearby the crack to explain how it may have come to be growing there. How did it find its way into the crack? The little green fern seemed a long way from home, out of place in a world of colourless surroundings.

Life is a wondrous thing. Just when you think that it could not exist somewhere, up it springs to prove you wrong. Abandoned buildings are often claimed by nature with greenery overtaking its structure and foundations. Life is strong, crafty and intelligent.

The little green fern growing in the crack, reminds me of us humans. Sometimes a person may feel that life is very grey and drab, an inhabitable environment. They may feel there is no life in them, that life has abandoned them, and that life cannot possibly survive in them. For them, life is viewed as a colourless existence.

However, life has not left them. It is an illusion that life does not exist. They have missed the little green fern growing in the crack, trying to present itself to them as proof that life house with plants growing on itstill grows in their desolate world. People often spend too much time watching others and the mundane activities around them, and so miss the opportunity to take hold of a new beginning.

The little green fern, growing all alone through a crack on a train station platform is a good reminder that no matter how bad things seem, no matter how unlikely, and no matter how difficult, life will always find a way. There is a solution to be found. The little green fern found a crack to live and thrive – an unusual and unexpected place to grow.

Therefore, if there is a time in your life where you feel life is not worth the hassle or effort, think of the little green fern. Remember it found a crack in its situation and thrived out of it because life is strong, crafty and intelligent. So, find the crack in your situation and thrive out of it.  Let life find its way.

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