12-02-2015-allison-alliekat-clark-quote-1Sometimes, it feels like I’m knocking on a door that makes no noise, screaming so loud only dogs can hear me, and feel so far removed I am all but a twinkle in the sky……Allison AllieKat Clark 2015.

 Do you ever feel as if you are invisible? I do. It’s not nice being in that place.

 Long silences between contacts with my friends all of a sudden become evidence that they no longer want anything to do with me. No one reacting to my pictures and posts on social media become evidence that people are ignoring me. Assumptions come fast and thick and with heavy onslaught of how unlikable of a person I am. Memories of times gone by are also conjured up as further proof of my universal rejection by all people everywhere. And sometimes I just feel so alone it threatens to crush me to dust.

That’s when I start to feel like I am so far removed from this world that I feel like I am one of a gazillion person crying out loudstars in the universe.

That’s when I start to feel like I am unable to gain anyone’s attention because I’m knocking on a soundless door.

That’s when I start to feel like I am screaming so loudly amongst those in a crowded room that only dogs can hear my sound.

That’s when my soul cries out “Please see me!”

Maybe you’re trying to get someone to take notice of a cause you are passionate about, or an injustice of some sort. Maybe you have an idea which no one is willing to hear about or consider. One thing is certain though – we all desire to be noticed. And it can be quite frustrating.

However, we can take control of the situation. We have the ability to make a choice of how to respond to a wooden doorthe perception of rejection.

We can respectfully ask questions to gain clearer insight and facts of the situation.

We can let it roll off us like water off a duck’s back and think it’s their loss.

We can see the positive side of the situation.

We can persevere with the passion despite the risks.

We can let it eat away at us and cry “woe is me”.

We can react aggressively towards those we believe are hurting us.

But in all instances, you have a choice. And only you can make the choice. Medication might be of stars and planetsbenefit. Counselling might help. But the effort has to be yours. No one can do it for you.

You can choose to stay a far away star out in the universe. You can choose to continue knocking on soundless doors. You can choose to keep on screaming at deaf people. Or you can find another door, find a closer planet, or leave the room.

When you feel invisible, jump in the mud and show yourself that you’re anything but invisible.

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