Five minute fiction As the sun rose over the horizon, Rose sat on her front porch sipping a cup of coffee, watching as twilight gave way to morning. She hadn’t slept a wink. In fact, the last week had been a whirlwind. Nothing was the same anymore. Words sounded hollow and meaningless to her. People … Continue reading JUST ONE AUSTRALIAN HERO


Easter is only a few days away. How scary is that?! April already and it feels like 2017 only started last week! So, as Easter fast approaches, what do you think it is all about? What about the supermarkets and other shops? Easter paraphernalia started to creep onto the shelves before school started back at … Continue reading MORE THAN JUST A CHOCOLATE RABBIT

To Know Or Not To Know….that is the question????

RISK Chrystal glass. A round clear ball. If, in it, told the future, Would you look Over the edge? Would you trade The mystery Just for a Little peak? Would you risk The excitement That hides Amongst the mist? The joys of life’s Treasure hunt Gone in a Glance. Its gems lost Indefinite. Swallowed by … Continue reading To Know Or Not To Know….that is the question????