To Know Or Not To Know….that is the question????

see your futureRISK

Chrystal glass.
A round clear ball.
If, in it, told the future,
Would you look
Over the edge?
Would you trade
The mystery
Just for a
Little peak?
Would you risk
The excitement
That hides
Amongst the mist?
The joys of life’s
Treasure hunt
Gone in a
Its gems lost
Swallowed by
A mountain.
Written by Allison Rose Clark 2014 (c)

LIFE IS A MYSTERYLife is a mysterious creature. We know it’s there. We imagine what it should look like, but rarely life is as we have pictured or dreamt.

What did you dream about when you were a kid? Did you want to be a fire fighter or astronaut when you grew up?  What about a nurse or a doctor or a vet? What was your passion as a child? Did you love to sing, dance or act? Did you dream about doing it for ever when you grew up?

We all had dreams when we were kids. We wanted to do something or be someone important or great. No one told us we couldn’t do it. They always told us we could be anything we wanted to be. So, what happened to those dreams?

I’ll tell you what happened – life happened.

Things change. We move houses. We go to different schools. We see things we wish we little peakcould unsee and we don’t see things we wish we could. Experiences change us. Circumstances change us. Other people change us. There is nothing in life which doesn’t have a consequence either good or bad. Even if you only sat at home and were a recluse, you would still experience a consequence for that – loneliness, isolation, phobias, and effects to mental and overall health, to name a few.

Think about where you are in life right now. Is it where you envisaged yourself to be? Are you working your dream job? Do you often wonder how you got to where you are today? How does that make you feel?

When you were a kid, would you have liked to have known that you were going to end up where you are today? If you did know, you probably would have made different choices, right? Your life would be better, don’t you think?

I know people who have gone to see psychics. They are looking for some knowledge of hidden in the mistthe future. They want to know what is ahead of them, what to look out for or avoid. But it doesn’t really alleviate any anxiety of the future. There is still a mystery to it – will it happen or not? What if I miss the moment it is meant to happen? Or I make the wrong choice and miss the opportunity? There is no solid definite way in this world of knowing what the future holds. You may think psychics tell you what they see for your future, but it remains a mystery until it passes, if it passes at all. The chances of you making any different choices to change your future are quite low even if you had known from childhood.

Let’s imagine for a moment that there was a sure fire way of knowing what lies in your future, a chrystal ball which could show you what it will look like and how to get there. Would you take a peak if you knew by doing so, you were trading all the joy of life’s treasure hunt and that the gems it offers would be lost for eternity?

When I was growing up, I knew one person who was obsessed in getting psychic readings. They were constantly anxious about the future regardless of how many readings they received. They were convinced that the psychic had the truth of their future and so it consumed them.

Lifes treasure huntPersonally, I like the future being a mystery. I don’t want to know what lies ahead in case it is something to be feared. There’s a certain amount of excitement that comes from not knowing what is about to happen. When you find your first love, experience your first kiss, become a parent for the first time, marry your best friend, hold your first grandchild, or any of the thousands of other precious experiences in life, you have found treasure hiding in the mist, the mist being what lies ahead of you unseen – the future.

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