With State Of Origin I just hours away, marking the beginning of the three game rivalry between New South Wales and Queensland, I am reminded of the pride which is rich in both states. “Go the Blues!” “Go the Maroons!” These are familiar cries which can be heard from almost every New South Wales and … Continue reading THE STATE OF ORIGIN


For a while now, I have been hearing a lot about doTERRA oils. I first heard about them when a friend of mine in Canada posted about them on FaceBook, probably a year or so ago. To be honest, I liked the post but didn’t look into it. My thoughts were “I’m glad she has … Continue reading AND TODAY’S WORD OF THE DAY IS……….DoTERRA


On Wednesday, a few work colleagues and myself were treated to a free lunch. We hadn’t done anything grand. We hadn’t invented any super fantastic fangdangle whatchamacallit techno thing.  We weren’t being recognised singularly for anything in particular. All we had done was volunteer to help an organisation and they gave us lunch. Well, it’s … Continue reading DO YOU VOLUNTEER? WHY?

HOW DO YOU VIEW YOURSELF? With love or with hate?

If ever I have to say anything about myself, it is that I am not a victim of people and their games, but a survivor of the extremes they have put me through. Being myself has never come easy because I got lost in the sea of other's standards, but slowly I am learning who … Continue reading HOW DO YOU VIEW YOURSELF? With love or with hate?