state of origin.01With State Of Origin I just hours away, marking the beginning of the three game rivalry between New South Wales and Queensland, I am reminded of the pride which is rich in both states.state of origin.02

“Go the Blues!”

“Go the Maroons!”

state of origin.03These are familiar cries which can be heard from almost every New South Wales and Queensland household, cheering on their state favourite. Some family members of mine who live in Queensland consider themselves New South Welshmen for life and so bear the onslaught of friendly banter such as “traitor!” and “You’re committing treason!” This goes for anyone in New South Wales who considers themselves Queenslanders for life!

Amongst the friendly banter is a competitive nature which is fierce and gets fiery on the field and in the crowds. Those watching it on TV sit on the edge of state of origin.04their seats sweating out the result to see who will be ahead when the game is over.

The beauty of Australians in all this is that once that whistle sounds indicating full-time, despite tender wounds of a loss, or the heights of a win, and a few disgruntled comments about the ref, fans and players alike show true sportsmanship by congratulating the winner and moving forward to focusing on State Of Origin II.

One day many years ago, I wrote a poem about the State Of Origin which I would like to share with you at the start of the 2017 clash. It is titled……..

THE STATE OF ORIGIN’S ORIGINstate of origin.05

A cockroach and a toad

Met one day

Walking to the border

And along the way

They both got talking

About the sport they love.

It was rugby league

They were speaking of.state of origin.06

They thought it needed spice,

A little heating up.

They thought they could play

For a shield or a cup.

But it didn’t really matter

What they played for.

It was for state honour

And nothing more.state of origin.07

Teams were put together

And the crowds gathered in.

Everyone was betting

On who they thought would win.

With Maroons on one side

And Blues on the other,

Everybody ceased being

Uncle, son or brother.state of origin.08

They all played hard,

They all played to win,

Just so they could be

The State Of Origin.

Written by Allison Rose Clark © 1999state of origin.09

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