Ever looking for a parking space only to find someone parked in two spots or taking up a whole side of parking hog signthe road where two cars could have parked comfortably?

Well, the latter is primarily the one I encounter every day and it is starting to tug on my OCD strings. I can feel my mind about to run away with this thought and consume me. So, what better way to combat this insane obsession than to write about it? Publicly?

Despite this slowly taking over my brain, parking hogs get on many people’s nerves I would imagine and so maybe this is not something that occupies just my thinking walking to the office each morning.black car 2 spots

Wollongong is like many other cities. Parking spots are hard to find, especially free ones, and especially ones which don’t require hiking over mountain ranges to get to work. So, it is amazing how many people park their cars in such a way that no one can park in front of them or behind them. Not to mention the ones who take up two spots in marked out spaces for parking. However, there is a condition called Parking-Line-Blindness, so maybe I should be a little more compassionate.

Parking, it seems, is exempt from the list of things to be considerate towards.

Curiously enough, would parking hogs experience similar feelings towards other parking hogs if they two carswere having to drive around for ten minutes, or more, past dozens of potential parking places which aren’t parking places because someone decided to be a parking hog? Most likely.

As I walk past these amazingly parked vehicles on the side of the road, admiring their skills in manoeuvring their car in such tight places, I try to keep my heated emotions from rising to the surface. There’s enough room for another 6 cars, I notice, in just one street nearly every day. It’s pathetic to be getting so upset about the selfishness of other drivers. But I find myself doing it anyway.

Could this be the pedestrian equivalent of driver road rage?

Of course, it could be a resident who doesn’t like anyone parking in front of their house, I suppose. One WITHCES HATSsuch person does exist and I used to see them every day during my walk over the treacherous terrain to the office. They used to go as far as putting witches hats in the gutter to prevent anyone parking there. I don’t know if they still do it because I haven’t parked near there for a while (too many dangerous cliffs) but couldn’t imagine they’d have stopped unless they have become incapacitated for some reason. Even then, I think they’d find a way around the problem.

The person probably has OCD. Poor thing.

red carCompassion, Allison. Compassion. You are headed down the right path of becoming OCD about parking too. Pull yourself together, girl!

If I am to show some understanding towards the parking hogs though, I have to acknowledge that these drivers probably have a paranoia that someone is going to park too close, or cause their car some damage by either touching it with their front bumper or reversing into it. Considering their current admirable parking skills, I am leaning towards the conclusion that they truly are inconsiderate parking hogs.

So, are you a parking hog? I hope not. But if this blog has made you aware that you might be, please watch how you park and place nice. Sharing the road isn’t complicated and consideration is free.no parking hog sign

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