1798301_10152068444473495_474224726_n Written by Allison Rose Clark © 2014

I am the eldest of three girls. All sisters. No brothers. Growing up with my two sisters was interesting, challenging, and hilarious.

When my first sister came along, we were inseparable. We were extremely close. Many times my lynny and meparents were asked if we were twins. We attended the Salvation Army Sunday School for ten years, as well as participating in a number of their other youth activities. During that whole time we were lovingly referred to as being “the twinnies”. We thought they called us that because we looked so much alike. It wasn’t until the Captain and his family were leaving that we learnt that they actually thought that we were twins! Our birthdays and Sunday School age groups didn’t give anything away obviously!

helenWhen my second sister joined the ranks, my first sister and I were besotted with her. We were all very close. That was until she was about four or five. That’s when other kids encouraged her to be naughty and mean and tricked her into doing things which would get her into trouble. Over the following years, we all grew apart and eventually my first sister and I couldn’t stand her to the point of almost hating her. I look back now and feel sad that our childhood relationship had been so volatile. I didn’t really hate her.

Our childhood wasn’t all dark and gloomy though. We had lots of fun times together.

I remember one time playing a game of tag while we were visiting our Queensland relos. My cousins, some of their friends and we sisters three were all playing in the park. We ran around laughing and Three sisters.1squealing and at one point I fell off a pole onto my butt! Afterwards, we had sherbet and ate it at my cousin’s friends place.

Another time I remember is building a cubby house out of the trampoline. Mum let us have some old sheets and we tied them to the sides so they hang down. I took in there my little sewing box and some material which mum so kindly donated to us. We weren’t allowed to have needles back then, so we couldn’t actually sew anything. Lucky for we sisters three, we had imagination and innovation. We found some Clag glue and used that to join our creations together instead! Mum kept telling us it wouldn’t work, and for the most part it didn’t, however, one little bag I made did manage to survive for many years. I think I was roughly nine when I made it, and it finally fell three frogsapart completely when I was in my early twenties. There must have been half a bottle of Clag glue holding that little bag together!

We were lucky enough to have our cousins living next door to us for a few years when we first moved to the area. My dad made a gate in the fence between us and next-door for easy travels between places as well as peace of mind for the adults. My dad and my uncle then built a cubby house in next door’s yard. We sisters three and our two cousins played for hours and hours in that cubby. One day, during a game of mums and dads, all of us decided that we were going to speak different languages to each other. Of course, none of us actually knew any other languages. We didn’t even know the language three hearts elephantwe were speaking was called English. So, I don’t know who got allocated what, but it was decided one would speak French, another German, another Spanish, another Italian, and the last English. I distinctly remember getting allocated the other language of English, and we all went about our afternoon babbling away to each other in nonsense gooblygook pretending to understand each other! It was such a good day! I still laugh at me thinking English was a language none of us spoke!

Childhood has given way to adulthood and with it has given us a new dimension to our relationship as sisters. My first sister and I are still as close as we have always been, but our little circle now includes my second sister. We have grown to love and respect each other, finally. Today, we can actually say we’re not just sisters but best friends. Our relationship is strong and three dragonflieshealthy which will last for eternity.

I can proudly say that each of our tribes are close and we have regular gatherings which are full of side splitting laughter, friendly digs at each other, and great food! Especially the desserts! Little sis is definitely Dessert Queen of our Mob!

The poem “We Sisters Three” was written to emphasis our close best friend relationship as sisters. I was inspired to write it when I came across a picture of three little girls standing on a beach with their backs towards me, holding hands and wearing pink dresses. They were of different heights depicting different ages and instantly I thought of my sisters. There was no ignoring the urge to write this poem to go with that picture. It was meant to be written.

My life is definitely enriched with my sisters in it. I couldn’t imagine life without either of the crazies! So, this is to my two sisters…..we sisters three are weirdos – don’t change!

Love you until the end of time xxx sisters quote.3

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