Have you ever had to make a decision which went against your grain and wish it could be so very much different? I was met with such an emotional upheaval this week. And that is probably an understatement. When it comes to making extremely hard decisions, a lot of thought and turmoil goes into it. … Continue reading THERE’S A TORNADO IN MY HEAD


My favourite colour is orange, closely followed by yellow, red and purple. Basically, I couldn’t choose between them so I prioritised them. Orange and yellow are both vibrant, happy colours which inject energy into wherever they are situated. In reality they are equal first, but orange is slightly more crazy than yellow, so I’ve placed … Continue reading PLAYING FAVOURITES

Leave Tomorrow Where It Is

Tonight, I was going to write about Free Will. As much devastation hit Las Vegas, I was met with “why? I can’t understand why!” It’s probably a good thing I can’t get my head around such hatred which leads to killings of any sort, let alone mass shootings. And I don’t really think that I … Continue reading Leave Tomorrow Where It Is