Leave Tomorrow Where It Is

person puppetTonight, I was going to write about Free Will. As much devastation hit Las Vegas, I was met with “why? I can’t understand why!” It’s probably a good thing I can’t get my head around such hatred which leads to killings of any sort, let alone mass shootings. And I don’t really think that I want to either.

As I prepared to write, I noticed the post of a friend on FaceBook. He was saying something along the lines of there is so much bad news lately that he worries about cranking up his computer in case he sees any more. And I thought, “you know what? You’re right my friend. Free Will can wait for another time.”

Which has left me with the question – what now?


What, right now, is the most important thing to you?

What could you NOT live without? Or it could be a ‘who’.

Think about it. If you had no more tomorrows, and today, for you, ended at sundown, where would your mind go to first?

With life so fleeting, we have been reminded this week that time is not promised. It is limited. That’s not focus-glassto say make rash decisions and to hell with the consequences. Our gracing of earth may be short, but it’s also the longest thing we will ever do for ourselves, so you owe it to yourself not to go in full pelt unless it’s absolutely necessary. Consequences do matter.

Life can be crazy busy and it can be very noisy. So much so that we don’t even notice the time until we look at the clock and realise that it’s another day over.

Actually, it’s another day lost to be honest.

Days-on-the-Market1For most of us, it’s another work day gone and a day closer to the weekend. It’s not a good outlook on life really, is it? Living for the weekend should not be anyone’s weekly goal. Often, on a Monday, I will hear at least one person in the office say “Is it Friday yet?”

Why do we want to wish our life away every week?

Let’s go back to my earlier questions – what is important to you and where would your mind go to first if your tomorrows ended at sundown?

family treeThe most important thing to me is family.

My mind goes to my children first when I think about if had no more tomorrows.

Last week, my family had the biggest blow up we’ve ever had. I was so terrified that no one would talk to each other for the next 20 years! It indeed looked that bad from where I was sitting. My OCD was triggered and I started obsessing about it. That’s when I thought it was important to hold a family meeting. A face-to-face gathering to recoup and make-up. I thought it warranted a proper apology in person because of kapow1what went on. My mind even went as far as writing up a pledge for us each to sign to reinforce our apology and commitment to each other. Then I was going to print a copy for each of us to keep. The fear that things would not be resolved properly and reoccur was intense. However, even though my concern was not shared unanimously (probably because they all know me too well!), at least everyone agreed things went too far and all has been forgiven. Gladly, I can report my OCD has kindly departed.

Also, in the last week (it’s been a big week!), progress has been made with my children, especially the kidsolder two, in committing to spending more time together on a regular basis. I haven’t seen them in a while and I’m starting to feel like I don’t know them anymore. It’s never too late to change what you are doing and move in a different direction.

Recent health concerns have prompted me to reconsider what I am doing right now. Even though it’s likely to be something minor, the possibility has crossed my mind even though I’ve not wanted it to……What if my tomorrows were significantly reduced?

The truth is, nothing would matter more than my children and family, and the time we have together. So, that means, no matter what, and regardless of the numbered or unnumbered amount of tomorrows for any of us, that I treasure every moment, take in the sights and smells, and just be present right where I am right now.

In other words, I need to ground myself in today, and leave tomorrow until tomorrow. 

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