orange yellow red purple sunsetMy favourite colour is orange, closely followed by yellow, red and purple. Basically, I couldn’t choose between them so I prioritised them. Orange and yellow are both vibrant, happy colours which inject energy into wherever they are situated. In reality they are equal first, but orange is slightly more crazy than yellow, so I’ve placed it at #1. Red is bold, alert and daring, everything I see in me. And purple is royal, classy and stands out in a crowd. A strong statement is declared whenever any of these colours are standing next to each other. They speak of confidence. They say “We are here, take notice!”

Movies! I love movies! Action ones particularly. These are my favourite types because action moviewhen things blow up, or there are good fighting scenes, it is like a reflection of what I wish justice could be like for all the real life bad stuff which don’t have happy endings and/or justice doesn’t prevail. I get to live in the movie for a bit and experience the energy and emotions that goes with defeating the baddie. Adrenaline is awesome but I’m not confident or brave enough to take a serious risk with life and limb to experience it in the real world. So, movies are it.

BBQAs the weather gets warmer, Spring is letting us know that winter is over and that summer isn’t too far away. Everyone has their favourite season just as they have a favourite with pretty much everything else in life – drink, flavour, band, flower, smell, sound, relative, shoes, toy …..ANYTHING!

In my Facebook memories, something I wrote a few years ago popped up. Recently, I have been thinking about this particular status. I remember writing it and I’ve been wondering if I would be able to find it in what is the sea of my life on social media. It felt like I wrote it yesterday, but the truth was revealed this week when Facebook reminded me I wrote it in 2015, quote by me 051015along with about a dozen other “I don’t remember doing that or saying that” posts.

“Looove summer! Looove daylight savings! Looove it at the end of a scorcher and relaxing with a bevvy; the sweet cooling of a hot earth at night, sleeping with just a sheet or nothing at all and the window open; swimming at 7pm – beach or pool, and it’s still light; the unheaviness of clothing against my skin; wearing no shoes; ice cream; slushies; dinner outside; BBQs; picnicking; lookouts with the absence of fog; bushwalks; the smell of summer rain on a hot day relieving a thirsty earth… many wonderful things, and I love them all! Lurve SUMMER!!!” ——- Allison AllieKat Clark FB 05/10/2015

rugged-upWinter is way too cold for me. Many times I have said there is no way I could live in a place that snows because I am not a fan of its lack of warmth. My body refuses to operate properly in temperatures under 10 degrees Celsius regardless of the number of layers I put on. My hands and feet are ice despite socks and gloves. And I really can’t handle not being able to move normally wearing two jackets. Walking back to my car in the dark after work while it is raining is not my idea of fun especially since umbrellas don’t actually keep you dry.

What I do love about winter is being warm indoors while it is freezing outdoors. Sitting dog rugged upin front of the idiot box watching movies, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and snug under a blanket in my pjs while the heater is doing a wonderful job of chasing away the cold is my ideal way of seeing winter through. If I never had to go out into the winteriness of winter, I think I could be a fan. But since I have to go out in it every day to go to work, and I have trouble feeling my hands, feet and face most days, it is indeed not a favourite of mine.

The one thing this statement makes clear is that I love summer. Obviously! There is so summer afternoonmuch more I could write about what summer is to me but that is a pretty good picture. As I am getting older, I have to admit the higher temps are getting to me more each year, but nothing will ever change how summer feels to me when the day is cooling down. It is this part of the summer day which I love the most. There is nothing quite like a breeze coming through the windows and doors when the temp has been nearly 40 all day. Not too hot and not too cold but at the same time, nothing like spring. It’s better than spring because spring could never feel this good. Spring has a coolness to it which at times still requires a light jumper in the late afternoon. Summer, however, requires nothing of the sort. No extra items of clothing needed.

rainbow slushiesThe truth is, no matter what anyone says, we all love playing favourites and telling people what those favourites are. I’m always looking for team mates. Do you want to play? Let me know what your favourite colour, movie, and/or season is and why.

If you aren’t able to leave a comment but would like to, you can email me at and I will endeavour to answer all emails.

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