Liam painting 02_creating_2017Have you ever thought about how you express yourself?

Do you consider yourself to be creative?

I was thinking about this the other day. My youngest son, Liam (he’s given me permission to use his name), has always been an avid drawer and has many times over the years impressed people who both do and don’t know him. Recently, he has taken an interest in going to the next level with his drawing – shading to make them look more real. His other recently acclaimed interest is painting.

Talented drawers are littered all through my family history, including present members such as one of Liam’s brothers, an older cousin and an aunty. His mother, me, isn’t too bad at it either. However, I consider my drawings to be pretty basic when compared to others. I can’t draw hands well or faces. People tend to always be facing away from the viewer, and hands in pockets or at their side for this reason. In my book “I Don’t Hate Me Anymore”, some of my healing drawings are featured in which these traits appear.

Liam Lego creation dragon-ish_2014Liam’s imagination doesn’t stop with drawing and painting. He is also very talented at building anything he can think of out of Lego.

When he was three, he sat in our undercover area with a Wiggles puzzle. He didn’t have the base, or the picture on a box, and the pieces weren’t the normal, most common cut shapes used for puzzles. I was busy doing something not far away in the kitchen. What I saw amazed me for when I looked, he had completed the puzzle on the concrete floor with no help from anyone! It was just him and I at home that night. I was gobsmacked!

The classic Rubics cube lasts unsolved for about 2 minutes at the most.

Yes, I am the very proud mother of Liam, just as I am proud of all my children. Also, I’m biased, but within Liam indeed lies creativity which, at the age we first noticed it, only three years old, the other kids had been much older.

Liam drawing pokemon_from movie still_2014At seven, Liam drew his first great picture from a movie still of a much watched and loved Pokemon DVD. That means he paused at a particular part of the movie he wanted to draw. Liam then copied the Pokemon paused on the screen! Wow is all anyone could say.

This blog isn’t all about how great Liam is, or my pride in him. It’s about being creative and finding a way to express yourself.

Throughout my whole life, I have expressed myself with poetry and drawing. I used the medium of poetry more as a child to express my emotions and thoughts than I did drawing. Back then, I drew for fun, not a deep purpose. As an adult, I have used poetry and drawing for both leisure and healing. I also find relaxation in making cards.

Expressing yourself is limited by only your own imagination. You might consider yourself not the creative type. But whatever medium you choose, you’re expressing something of yourself – thought, emotion, idea, ideology, values, something of importance to you – and Liam drawing pokemon_from comp_01_2014that is being creative. Lots of people use social media posts as their platform while others might use music, or memes.  It’s still an expression – your expression.

This year, I have been diligent in writing a blog on a fortnightly basis. It is a way I can express myself to others in my unique way and show the world my talent. Well, at least you who are reading this anyway. But you are part of the world we live in, so it matters that you are reading my writings. I am blessed that you are doing so. I thank you because without you, I am merely a mumble.

So, how do you express yourself?

And what creative ways do you use to do that? Liam painting The Ocean sunrise_01_2017

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