book cover design I DONT HATE ME ANYMOREAs you know, I have written a book titled “I Don’t Hate Me Anymore”, hence the name on my wordpress site. And if you have been paying attention, you will also know that it has been over a year where I have been talking about it, and saying it is being published and will be released soon.

Well, it is with much excitement that I can announce that my book will be released on 15th January 2018! Finally, it is happening! I can’t tell you how much is going on in my brain right now, running around with so many things to do, opportunities available and possibilities of where this could take me – a new adventure in helping others.

Officially, the release date is for England as my publisher, Austin Macauley, is situated in London. However, it will be available from places like Amazon while I wait on my copies arriving on my door step so I can hold my very first book in my hands! Should only take a week from release date. I cannot wait!

austin macauleyWhen I know, I will list the places on line you can purchase a copy. My publisher’s marketing team will contact me soon with details and fill me in on the process to be expected.

But there will be another way to purchase “I Don’t Hate Me Anymore” from me directly, of which I will keep you informed once it is up and running. If you purchase via me or my website, you will receive a free pen – a gift from me, and a tool for getting started with the journey of learning and healing. For the first 200 pre-sale orders, a limited-edition pen will be gifted to you in recognition of the publication of my first ever book and you being a part of its success!

BLOGFor anyone reading this blog who hasn’t heard of my book, or know what it is about, let me tell you it has been a long journey from the first word I wrote to now. I first started writing “I Don’t Hate Me Anymore” in late 2014 and finished writing it in early 2015.

My first submission was sent via post on my birthday. It was a deliberate move on my part in order to 1) remember the date of my first submission, and 2) to have two reasons for celebrating.

The first submission was not accepted, mainly because they went into liquidation. I received a review from them though, which gave me a five out of ten, not because of content or its effectiveness or how it was written as they gave that part a glowing description of how excellently written it was, but because of the genre. They felt it would get lost in the sea of self-help books already out there.

They overlooked the uniqueness of my book and dismissed it as not having a good reception in the community. I strongly disagreed of course and continued to submit to other publishers despite how blank book covermuch it upset me.

Three publishers later and a contract was offered from Austin Macauley, a publisher in another country. Go figure. How often does Australia dismiss talent and potential for which is snapped up overseas? Very!

Austin Macauley saw the uniqueness and potential of “I Don’t Hate Me Anymore”. They saw what I did and now it is almost ready for the world to embrace.

In the very beginning, as I sat with my mentor, Andrew Jobling, via skype and discussed what it was I wanted to tell people, I most wanted to tell my life story. The message I wanted the reader to come away from it with was that it is ok to love themselves and hopefully they would be inspired to do so.

How was I going to do that?

andrew jobling austin macauleyAndrew put the question to me, and I wrote down the elements of loving yourself which were important as well as the things I had discovered, and turned them each into a chapter. Ironically, there ended up being 12 chapters, not too different to 12-step programs for just about anything these days. But these are different. They are not the 12 steps followed by those sorts of groups. They are specific to learning to love yourself, not the steps outlined for refraining from an addiction or compulsion.

So, the end result wasn’t the memoir I had originally planned, but a self-help book – but with a difference. I describe it as a self-help memoir because though the chapters are steps of the process of learning to love yourself successfully, I use my life to illustrate each chapter’s purpose and definition, telling the reader about myself, my traumas and mental health issues as I saw them from my perception HEALINGof what was going on. After all, how I saw things, and interpreted them, determined my action or reaction, and thus any consequences which resulted from those decisions were what I experienced and what attributed to my traumas and thoughts. No-one can tell me it “wasn’t that bad” because it is something only I can measure.

Ultimately, “I Don’t Hate Me Anymore” is unlike any other self-help book you have ever read. You don’t have to wait until the end of the book in order for your inspiration to be turned into action. At the end of each chapter is something for the reader to do, and a notes section for you to write in if you desire. My pen gift to you will be perfect for beginning this part which will undoubtedly change your life and how you view it…..forever!

LOVE YOURSELFThe aim of “I Don’t Hate Me Anymore” is to give women, particularly but not solely, control back over their lives, who is in it and what they allow into it, thus reducing, if not eliminating abuse from their lives. I am living proof this works. I live it every day.

While other self-help books and memoirs are incredibly inspiring, and I have been from reading them encouraged that if one person can survive their traumas then so can I, what they lacked was how to turn that inspiration and knowledge into action so I can see it in my life too.

“I Don’t Hate Me Anymore” gives you what the other memoirs lack – the know-how and the how-to.

I believe my book can also be used in conjunction with counselling.

So, if you have ever looked in the mirror and hated the person looking back, then this book is for you! You will never look at life the same again!FREEDOM

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