2 dad jokesThese last few days have been fantastic spending it with family and enjoying some much-anticipated fun with everyone. The dad jokes in the bonbons even got a few laughs!

Boxing Day was spent with my partner’s mum and brother. It was an extra special occasion as it had been over 15 years since they last celebrated a Christmas together.

When we arrived, my partner’s brother was out the back attending to the garden. Over the last year or so, he has been slowly landscaping what was once a jungle of climbing vines and overgrown weeds. Much to his credit, he has a wonderful natural talent.

At the time we greeted him, he was raking the grass getting it ready to plant grass seeds.

raking grassWe conversed about how beautiful the garden was and complimented him on his hard work. While my partner and his brother continued to talk, I noticed a really pretty plant with pink flowers. I had never seen a plant like it and it was beautiful.

After a few minutes, my partner’s brother went to the front of the house via the side gate. I mentioned to my partner how I really liked the plant and wondered if his brother would allow me to take a cutting for my mum. He asked his brother when he got back.

His brother told us he believed it to be a lipstick plant and that he also had yellow and orange ones. My partner asked if I could get a cutting of it and his brother didn’t hesitate in saying “of course!”

Lipstick plants in bagsHe chatted enthusiastically about this plant, telling us how they suffer shock when they are replanted and look as if they are going to die, but that they come good after a day or so and not to worry too much about it. Just make sure they get plenty of water. Also, in winter, they look like they are dying because they drop right back to nothing but then they bound back in spring. They grow quickly and can also multiply in the garden quickly.

While he was excitedly telling us all of this, he was generous in his gifting us with a pot with a lipstick plant already growing in it, which also had a couple of Hibiscus plant cuttings growing in the same pot. My partner’s brother’s generosity extended to him giving us two larger Lipstick Plants, one pink and one yellow, and some small cuttings of the Lipstick Plant which had roots starting to grow on them. He put the large Lipstick Plants in potting mix bags with some potting mix and water so they would last until we could repot them when we got home.

My partner and I purchased some potting mix, fertiliser and insect control for the garden, and headed Potting mix and empty pothome to repot our plants. While we were at it, we repotted my other plants – capsicum and tomato plants – which have needed it for a while now.

All this plant and replanting talk lead my mind to thinking about how change can affect us.

Not many people like, let alone welcome, change. It takes us out of our comfort zone and forces us to adjust to something new.

We may have to accept a new person into our lives whether that be a family member or a boss at work. We may have to adjust to being unemployed for a stint after having been made redundant from the job we’ve had for over 10 years. We may have to acknowledge the fact that we need to find a cheaper place to live.

Whatever the change is, most of us fight against it. It is not a comfortable experience and we want to avoid it.

Tomatoes-being.repottedBeing uprooted from the position you are in can put you into a state of shock, not unlike the Lipstick Plant. You may feel scared and quite unwilling to accept its reality.

However, just like the Lipstick plant, once you have accepted your new environment, and adjusted to the change, you find yourself having survived the experience. You thrive and keep on growing. The change hasn’t taken your life, but given you room to grow, maybe even change your direction.

The possibilities which lie within any change are up to ourselves to find. You can let it ruin you, or you can let it grow you. When you have found the positive within your new situation or circumstance, and you tend to it in the right manner, you will discover much more about yourself – your strengths, your weaknesses, your desires and your dislikes. This is growth and it can only lead you onto something better than you had before.

Out of every bad situation comes something good – if you let it.

What appears to be a horrible thing turns out to be something better than anticipated – if you let it.

Maybe, instead of seeing change as something bad happening to you, maybe see it as an opportunity for something good to happen to you. Plants-all repotted

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