technologyHow much do we rely on technology these days?

Phones, laptops, notebooks, computers, and all sorts of other magnificent whatchamacallits and thingymabobs which whistle, twang and ping, reside highly in our work and private lives.

We keep in contact with people on them, do business on them, organise our days, weeks, months and years on them, do our banking and pay bills on them, entertain and play games on them…..just to name a few.

Over the last few months, my phone has been doing what all old phones do – battery life is short and takes forever to charge. I debated with myself over whether I should buy a new phone or just the battery. So, this week, I made a decision and bought a new battery for it. At $35.00, it was cheaper, I got to keep the phone which otherwise never gave me any major issues, and it solved the problem. All was great with the world again.

This morning, after advising my partner I wasn’t going anywhere today because I needed to write my blog, I dropped it.

“Are you kidding me?!” I complained out loud when I tried to open my phone after picking it up off the floor. My partner asked me what the matter was and I showed him. There was no actual crack in the screen, but it was as if it did.

I was spewin’!

dropped phoneThe amount of times I have dropped my phone over the last 12 months I couldn’t even tell you, and nothing happened. Not even a crack or a scratch on the screen. Less than a week after buying a new battery, and it carks it. Just like that.

Great! So much for avoiding the expense of a new phone (maybe I can get my money back for the battery?).

As my phone doubles as my internet connection, it left me with no way of putting my blog online. The option of buying a new phone was taken out of my hands. There was no other choice.

Before heading out on our joyous adventure to wander around looking at phones, I noticed a blue blinking light on my phone and instinctively, I went to check it. Of course, I was reminded that it no longer functions with anything visually identifiable…….deflated emotions were experienced.

If it was a message, I am never going to get it. The mystery will always be there…….unless of course, someone asks me if I got their message. Then I’ll know. But for now, it was the Bermuda Triangle.

Presently, I have a post-paid sim with Optus, so obviously, I wanted to keep it and just put it in another phone, buy it outright.

coconut and mango breadMy partner and I had to attend to a few errands before entering the always fun phone-hunting. A coffee and some coconut and mango bread from our favourite coffee shop was necessary to have enough sanity to enter the madness of post-Christmas and New Year shopping.

Have you ever opened social media and noticed that not only were you having a bad day, but so were nearly all your friends who were posting status’ that day? And you think it might be something in the water? I had one of those days today. Only, it was through my partner’s page we were looking. Because, again, instinct reminded me my phone was deadarino.

Using my partner’s phone, I notified my family via Fam Chat of my predicament, and also just in case it was one of them responsible for the blue flashing light on my dysfunctioning phone……….it wasn’t.

We looked everywhere – Target, Woolies, Kmart, the Optus shop (they only had one which fitted my criteria). It was fruitless. They were either not within my budget, or they were locked or part of a plan.

Aarrgghh! I just wanted a phone! Why was it so difficult?

JB HI-FI was our last try before calling it a day. We manoeuvred around a crazy amount of people, past already occupied staff, and took a geeza at a gazillion choices. Finally, I settled on a Samsung Galaxy J5 Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro phonePro. A beautiful phone which was unlocked, within budget for a pay-outright, and I could keep my sim…….excited emotions were experienced! I was going to be able to go home to finish my blog and publish it.

After a while, a staff member became available, and we asked about the Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro………they were sold out!

All colours and all stores………except for Hurstville!

And it would take about 2 weeks at this time of the year for him to ask Hurstville to post one to the Shellharbour store! But he could organise for me to be able to pick one up from them tomorrow if I liked.

What?! This was unbelievable. My blog wasn’t going to be done on time. I had no internet, and no way of contacting anyone except via my partner’s phone.

So, there we were, standing in JB HI-FI, still phoneless. My life was on hold. It was terrible!

My partner and I discussed it and decided we would make the trip to Hurstville to pick it up…!

I didn’t wake up this morning expecting to end up in Sydney, but here we were, spur of the moment, driving to Sydney.

Did I mention I really needed my phone before tomorrow or in 2 weeks’ time? It truly was an urgent matter which required such measures to be taken.

Hurstville was an hour and a half drive in my little vroom, seeing us arrive at Westfield Shopping Centre at about 3:50pm. Plenty of time to pick up my phone before the shop closed. As it turned out, we parked right near the lift which took us to the floor just around the corner from JB HI-FI! It was perfect considering we had never been there before and knew nothing of where anything was!

coffeeTogether, we collected my phone, after which we bought something to eat and coffee and rested before heading home. While we were sitting at our little table next to Donut King (yay for the free coffee on the coffee card!), I thought I would put my sim into my brand spanking new phone.

The sim card was too big!………gggrrr frustrated emotions were experienced.

Far out!

It was almost 5pm, but looking around us, none of the shops looked like they were closing. Just in case we were reading it wrong, we hurriedly packed up our table and headed out to find an Optus shop. Of course, it was not where someone had directed us upon asking. But eventually, we found the shop and proceeded in to replace my sim.

You would think that would be the end of it, wouldn’t you? Get the sim, put it in my phone, and all is honky dory, wouldn’t you? Such thoughts are so fleeting. Nothing of the sort for me today!

We approached a guy with a clipboard who asked us what he could help us with, wrote it down next to a number, and advised us that we will be attended to in order of arrival. It was very busy and there were Optus shoptwo other employees other than clipboard-boy (who appeared to be new to the game). No doubt, it was going to be a bit of a wait.

Finally, a lady approached us, I told her what I needed, and she provided the new sim. She looked up my account and………was unable to do anything on my account from the store! Due to Optus updating their system, I had to speak with customer service. Feelings of falling down an abyss were experienced.

My life was still at a standstill. What if someone who isn’t family tried to call? Or a reminder text of an appointment I have forgotten about? I can’t even check my emails to see if my publisher has contacted me, or a pre-sale for my book has come through!

The Optus employee called customer service and handed me the phone. The man on the other end was very nice, helpful and friendly, and rectified the situation of activating the sim with the same mobile number.

Another Optus employee then put the sim in my phone for me.

annoyed faceThe time was almost 6pm. All I had to do now was wait between 15 minutes and 4 hours for the sim to become active so I could use it!

The time at this moment, writing this is 11:30pm Wednesday night and the sim is still not usable……disappointed emotions are being experienced right now.

Hopefully, in the morning………..relieved emotions will be experienced.

UPDATE: This morning, Thursday, as at noon, still no activation….annoyed emotions were experienced. A visit to the Optus store in Warrawong, and a call to customer service later, it was discovered that the guy from yesterday had put the sim down as being delivered and it was in “pending” mode on their system. The lady I spoke to on the phone uncovered the issue and rectified it.

Now I have a working phone! YAY! And life is again moving along as it should.smiley face

4 thoughts on “AT A STANDSTILL

  1. This sounds like it was quite an ordeal! We are so dependent on phones for everything that the second we don’t have access to one, it feels like everything is out of control. I am glad everything worked out and you now have a working phone! Wish you all the best – speak766


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