When Tales Collide

wordsAs a writer, ideas come to me at any time, anywhere. This particular one which I am sharing with you today, is a nonsensical poem which came to me in my lunch break one day at work in 2014. I had been thinking about how I mucked around with my youngest son, at bed time, pretending to fall asleep next to him and talking in my sleep. I would say silly things which made no sense and he would laugh and try to wake me up. For example, “No, no, not there.” stop, smack my lips together a couple of times and go on to say “It’s right next to the ant with the moustache.” Hahaha he loved it!

book-So, walking to my desk just before lunch, I had this one line come to mind, and then a second line, and then the third and fourth. As soon as I got back to my desk, I typed it up, and it just kept on flowing through my finger tips from my mind and I ended up with this. I read it to Liam later on, and he laughed. We then had to draw the cat with the magic streaming from its hat.

You’ll see.

I hope you like it as much as I do. And yes, I read it often because life is way too serious sometimes!


Written by Allison Rose Clark ©2014

sleeping beauty and cinderellaWhen the Fairy came

And placed a spell

On Sleeping Beauty, deep,

Cinderella cried

On the kitchen floor.

When Prince Charming heard

Of the plight,prince charmig and princess fiona

The dragon he did

Try to fight,

But Princess Fiona

Refused to leave the beast.

The Big Bad Wolfbig bad wolf blowing wind

Upon this news,

Blew his wind up to the moon,

And the cow and the cheese

Tried to climb the stalk.

cat and the fiddle and little miss muffetThe Cat and the Fiddle

Were best of friends,

Then along came a spider to pretend

Little Miss Muffet

Fell in love with Jack.

three bears three pigs and pied piperThe Three Little Pigs

And the Three hungry Bears

Went for a walk to the county fair

Where the Pied Piper

Played a tune so sweet.

four pics in oneThe Drummer Boy, he joined in

Followed by the Wicked Witch,

And Tinkerbell, she danced with Jungle Boy.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a log

While Mary Contrary counted sheep

Until Jack Horner stole the King’s fresh tarts.

three in oneWee Willie Winky jumped for joy

When Little Bo Peep and Mary met

Deep down in the King Tut’s tomb.

What a fun time it was

For the Gingerbread Man

three in one picWith his magic wand, running around

Turning things to gold and to stone.

Then King Solomon heard

Of the chaos grand,

So, he sent his Three Wise Men

To Egypt to find the Woman in the shoe.

three pics in oneAnd Baby Bunting, he did buy

A diamond ring shining bright

To give to his true love and Beauty, Elle.

While the Three Blind Mice

Were thinking deep

About Little Red Riding Hood and candy sweets,

old king cole dish and spoon and noseOld King Cole’s horses raced by.

News spread fast

That a washer woman’s nose

Had run away with the Dish and the Spoon,

But Nemo’s dadnemos dad tiny tim and fountain of youth

He never stopped looking

For Tiny Tim or the Fountain of Youth.

hanzel and gretel and cottageUntil one day

When Hanzel and Gretel

Came upon a cottage cute

Deep and lost in the Dark and Scary Forest.

cat with hat and bookOne said to the other,

“Go on, make my day”

When they stumbled upon a book to read.

Curiosity killed the cat

And magic streamed from his hat

As they started to read The Never Ending Story.book--

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