broken down car.2A couple of blogs ago, I talked about when technology break downs. This time it’s cars. Sigh.

Just like technology, it’s a headache when it happens. You never know how much it’s going to cost to fix your car because all businesses charge differently for the same service and parts. If the problem isn’t known, a quote can’t even be given until they find it. The car can cost more than it’s worth, but trade it in, sell it or keep it, the expense can be more than a person can afford.

This past month or so, car problems seem to be running in the family (pun unintended). My sister’s car engine blew up. My parent’s car has been to four mechanics and no-one is any the wiser as to what is wrong with it. And my partner’s car broke down in a Bunnings car park when visiting his mum last week and he was stuck in Sydney for 6 days.

car being towedWhen my partner’s car was finally taken to a mechanic up there, they told him it was the fuel pump, fixed it and then started on his trip home.

It broke down when he was almost home.

Again, it was towed to a mechanic. They checked it over, told him it was the water pump, fixed it and then my partner drove to a petrol station to get petrol on the way home.

It broke down at the petrol station.

This time it didn’t tick over at all. One man who saw him stuck there, came over to see if he could help. Together, they deducted it must be the battery. So, he hooked up his car to the battery and tried to jump-start it.


NRMA call outMy partner rang NRMA Road Side Service. It took 90 minutes for them to arrive. The NRMA mechanic checked the battery.

Nope. Not the battery.

He checked, what my partner tells me, a hundred things, but was stumped as to what the problem was. A request for a tow truck was put in, and the car was towed back to the same mechanic as before.

Today, my partner was told they couldn’t get past the ignition security, so it could be that he needed a new key. He got the spare key, and drove my car over there so they could check. Not long ago, he called me to tell me it isn’t the key and they think it is an electrical fault. The car now needs to go to an Auto Electrician.

My partner has been suffering from a migraine for the last couple of days. Not surprising really. Who wouldn’t after all the mental and emotionsal stress his car has caused, let alone the financial pressure in having to find the money to pay for it.

Amidst all of this, my partner is meant to be moving his stuff out of his unit in order to movingmove in with me, not to mention the end of lease cleaning. My car doesn’t have a tow bar. One of my son’s was going to be helping him today. Also, he has a bed to pick up which he bought for his brother, but hasn’t been able to due to the car troubles. It’s lucky the seller is very understanding because my partner has kept in contact with him about what is going on. Obviously, they don’t want to hold onto it forever, but they’re keeping it there for him despite other interested parties. That is a generous gesture of theirs. They don’t have to.

As I’m writing this, my partner is still at the mechanic’s. Hopefully, someone works it out soon. It’s quite frustrating. I’ll post an update when it’s all sorted.

UPDATE….3:45pm the car is now fixed. It turned out to be the inhibitor switch. Yay! Finally!

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