take twoTake Two.

Following on from my last blog “The Unanswered Breakdown”, there is more to the tale.

After the car was “fixed” and my partner drove it out of the mechanic’s and home.

We were both relieved to have the car home, finally in working order.

My partner pressed the button for the driver’s side window.

It wouldn’t go up!

He rang the mechanic and together they had a little chuckle because if they didn’t, they might go mad. They arranged for it to be taken over on Monday to look at it. At least it wasn’t major this time.

My partner did his best to get the window up.

Australia DayOn Friday 26/01/2018, Australia Day, we went to Shellharbour to pick up the bed which the seller had been so patiently holding for us. We had a great conversation about everything that had gone on over the last two weeks, and what the seller had been enduring from other buyers interested in the bed. Some people can be quite rude and nasty. Still, he could have taken up someone’s offer, but he didn’t, and we are forever grateful for his generosity.

After about an hour of getting the bed into the trailer and yakking for ages, my partner and I took the bed home to put it in the garage for when he next goes to him mum’s place.

smoke under the bonnetDriving up the driveway, we could smell something burning and smoke was coming from under the bonnet. Thinking it was on fire, we both jumped out of the car, my partner popped the bonnet and there was thick smoke everywhere coming from the driver’s side of the motor.

Water, again, poured out onto the concrete and down the driveway. Frustration was felt at the thought that it was still a problem. It was supposed to be fixed.

Our neighbour was outside and came over to see what the matter was. Together, they looked around and under the motor and deducted that it had been oil being spat out onto the motor. It seemed like it could be the head gasket.

Great! Just what we need. Not!

My partner pushed the trailer into the garage and then parked the car next to mine on the grass so that oil wouldn’t go onto the cement. We couldn’t drive it except to the mechanic and that wasn’t until Monday due to the Public Holiday.

a nice breakThe rest of the weekend was uneventful, which was a nice break.

Monday came, and we drove his car to the mechanic, again. Later, they rang to give us the good news.

The window needed a new motor as some metal arm was bent, and was going to cost over $200 for them to replace it.

The oil was coming from the sump gasket. It had karked it, was spitting oil onto the muffler which would burn with the heat and that’s what was causing the smoke. It’s a big costly job.

My partner told them to not worry about either one at the moment. We just don’t have the funds for such repairs at this time. We can only drive my partner’s car short distances for now. Now we’re deciding what to do with it – keep it or sell it. The guy who helped with the jump start at the petrol station offered to buy it if he ever decided to part with it. He informed my partner he was a mechanic. It’s an option being considered due to him being able to fix it himself at less than half of what it would cost us.

             Now, back to the moving out, moving in and cleaning! Lol 😊

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