Saints Loving Day

heartsLast night, I sat down and wrote a fantastic blog. Then I woke up this morning and realised it was Valentine’s Day. I decided that I would write a different one for such an occasion.

Normally, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. None of my partners in the past have ever shown any inkling of being romantic and so I came to never expect anything from anyone. I looked at it as another day for commercialism to reap a fortune, and just another day on the calendar.

Last year, I met my now partner and all that changed. He is a romantic at heart and the most gentle and loving man I have ever known and I am very blessed to have him in my life. When we met, it was only a few weeks before Valentine’s Day, but he surprised me at work with flowers, chocolates and a super soft teddy bear, accompanied with the most beautifully written card and paid for lunch. You should have seen me. I went red as a beetroot and giggled like a school girl.

Love You cushion from Sam 2018This year, he has moved in less than a week ago and that has left us with little cash remaining. I decided I would surprise him with something small. While we were grocery shopping, I bought him some chocolates when he wasn’t looking, and gave them to him when we were putting things away at home. It wasn’t much, but he was surprised, and he loved it, and that was the aim.

Over the past few years, I have been on a journey of learning to love and value myself, which has led me to write my book “I Don’t Hate Me Anymore”. I put together some practical things which I’ve implemented with success and have grown immensely from it.

Instead of calling it Valentine’s Day, I have opted to call it Saints Loving Day.

“Saints” refers to each person as an individual. The bible refers to believers as saints, so it is fitting to call all people saints in this to emphasis we are all important and valued.

gold hearts“Loving” I think is self-explanatory – to be loving towards yourself, to be kind, to spoil yourself, to see yourself as a person worthy of love, to value your very existence in this wide and wonderful world. Even in the dark, you look the same as when the light shines upon you, but you need to believe it even when you can’t see it because that it the truth.

“Day” is also obvious I recon – you are just as deserving to have one day dedicated to showing and reminding yourself just how important, loved and valued you really are. Not by society’s standards, but by your own. No-one’s opinion of you is more important the one you hold for yourself. This day can be the first day you decide to stop listening to others, trying to live up to unrealistic expectations, or doing things because you know it will make others happy, and give yourself permission to show yourself what it is you expect from others – respect, understanding, and plain, simple love.

heart loveHappy Saints Loving Day to all who are struggling with accepting their body as it is.

Happy Saints Loving Day to those of you who are tackling hardships which challenge your strength and courage and you feel like giving up.

Happy Saints Loving Day to all who are suffering physical harm, whether it by someone else, or by yourself.

Happy Saints Loving Day to those who have no where to call home, to lay their head at night or wrestle with finding enough to eat every day.

Happy Saints Loving Day to all who are just starting their healing journey from whatever trauma you have risen from.

And lastly, but most importantly, Happy Saints Loving Day to all of you out there who are having a hard time looking in the mirror and liking the person looking back.

Show yourself some love today. Let it be the beginning of the best decision and promise love heart candyyou have ever made to yourself for yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Saints Loving Day!


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