2018 Books have arrived 25012018.1It is a very exciting time for me right now!

My book has been published, I’ve received my complimentary copies, have been working on promoting it, and am now considering a book tour. My official book launch has been booked and paid for and all the anticipation of how it will all pan out is exhilarating.

Almost feels like I’m drunk!

Pre-orders poured in. I have to praise them all on their patience in receiving their copies as it took a little bit longer than anticipated to get my books from London.

The adrenalin flowing through me when I posted each of their copies last week felt a lot like being a kid at Christmas opening presents. Only the same feeling of excitement running through my body as I posted them!

Right now, I am waiting on the edge of my seat, wanting to hear their feedback. Mostly good feedback of course, but also a little anxious if it comes back bad. Not everyone who reads your book is going to like it, so you have to be prepared to hear it. You can’t escape from the negative when writing something for the public to read. It’s all part of the parcel.

So far, so good.

2018 Books have arrived 25012018.4Already, my buyers have been contacting me when they’ve received their books, and telling me how awesome it was for them to finally get it and hold it in their hands. Well, I can imagine, because that is how I felt when I finally received my complimentary copies. All of them have told me how much they love the cover. They all love their pens as well. Bonus!

The book tour idea has come about from people who can’t attend the official book launch because of distance. Many people are interested and don’t live local. So, I told one that I could possibly have one up her way in Sydney. Then a friend from Ipswich in Queensland said the same thing. Bing! Another possible place to go with my book. He has told me that he has lots of ideas running around in his head. So, I guess I have a helper. That’s fantastic!

Those conversations fuelled my mind and I started thinking of where my relos live and possibly going there with my book. So, Victoria, Western NSW, Brisbane suburbs, and Gold Coast to name a few, have crossed my mind. I don’t know anyone in the other states at this time. All going well, I’ll be able to go there, too.

2018 Books have arrived 25012018.7I’m currently in the process of turning my book into a program. This will open up the avenue of holding workshops regarding it. Approaching schools is also on my agenda. Speaking opportunities are on the horizon.

I really want to help young women take hold of their own lives, give them courage, strength and empowerment to say no to abuse – from anyone! – setting the foundation for a happy life, especially on their insides towards themselves. Without self-love, no one thrives to become all they’re meant to be, thus missing out on their own greatness.

My website www.allisonroseclark.com is a trove of information on my book as well as being able to read the blogs and short stories I write. This includes learning more about who I am, a detailed description of what “I Don’t Hate Me Anymore” is about, where and when any event is happening, ordering your copy of my book, and links to my book such as interviews and reviews. Feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions, feedback or comments.

I end this blog with these words:

I love who I am.

I like me.

I’m my own best friend.

I don’t hate me anymore.2018 Books have arrived 25012018.5


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