They are family, are they not?

No matter what type of pet you have, it is loved and treated just like any other family member.

If they’re unwell, you worry about them just like your other children.

They ARE the other children!

CharlieIn my family, every animal has a position like the rest of us. My parents have a kitten and three birds, and so they are my sisters and brother. My nephew has a lizard and ducks, so I am Aunty Allie to them as well as Aunty to my sister’s three birds and ferret. And I have an extra child to my human ones – a Rainbow Lorikeet. I’m even grandmother to a Galah, a rabbit and a Cockatiel!

When they get old, and life starts to be cruel to them, we reluctantly, but lovingly, take Futhem on their final journey. It is heartbreaking despite it being the kindest thing for them. I can’t handle watching them suffer. Sometimes, we have to take our animal family member on that journey when they are young. This proved to be the hardest of all for me as I had no choice (You can read about that episode of my life in my blog titled “Dear Foo”). Broke my heart and the anniversary of his passing is coming up in June.

Over the last six months, my partner and I have lived together, but sadly that relationship came to an end about a month ago. He owned a beautiful Tabby cat who had the best nature. Also, he was a big boy – 6 kg of puddy tat!

TigerObviously, puddy tat’s Daddy had to eventually come and collect him to take him to his new home. It was such a sad day. When they drove away, I shed a few tears. The house didn’t feel the same without him for a few days.

Every fortnight, my youngest son spends a week with his dad (we have a week-about arrangement). In that time, it has been rather lonely. I know I have my feathery son and feathery granddaughter, but it’s not the same as having a dog or cat for company.

Buddy BoySo, last week, I decided I would get another pet. My friend’s cat had kittens eight weeks ago (last Monday), and she’d put up a FB post offering them to good homes – FREE. Great timing! Without much hesitation, I put forward my interest. There was only one left, a male. She told me he was all mine and today I collected my newest family member.

His name is Buddy Boy. Why not? I was calling him “buddy boy” every time I picked him up, so Buddy Boy it is!

Apparently, my little kitty is the biggest of the litter. He is the cutest ginger Tabby ever, I recon! When I got Buddy Boy home, he still didn’t have a Old Matepermanent name, and understandably, he was a little scared. As he started to explore the house, he cried out for his siblings. I have been told this is normal and will settle completely in a few days to a week.

Within an hour, Buddy Boy was running around, jumping onto and off furniture, walking along the back of the lounge, hiding under cushions and sitting on the window sill. He has been wanting lots of attention. While I was sitting on the lounge, he decided right next to my head was a good place to sit and play with my hair, glasses, and fall asleep.

While I have been writing this blog, he has walked over my keyboard and got the print Marleybox up a dozen times, sat on my diary, walked all over my desk, jumped up my leg to get onto the desk, and fallen asleep. One of the places Buddy Boy thought was an ideal place to nap was on my diary. The other was on top of a green box sitting on one of the book cases (where he is sitting right now, sleeping).

I’m excited about looking after this Buddy Boy of mine, my new furry son. We are going to have many years of fun and games, and lots and lots of love!

Welcome to the family, Buddy Boy!




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