Sometimes things are not what they seemSometimes things are not what they seem, not always black and white, and not to your timetable…if you hold back you won’t reach your potential or progress will be stalled…let go of your fears so you can soar like the eagles!…or drop like a stone.

~ Allison AllieKat Clark ~

Life doesn’t give certainty. There are no guarantees for anything. The only things we are sure of in this life are death and taxes. Everything else is unpredictable.

It takes years to see the fruits of your hard work and seconds for it all to come crashing down around you. Doesn’t seem fair. Does it? Why bother in the first place? It all seems like a total waste of time. Right?


It’s always worth the effort.

dream bubble.02If you have a dream and you don’t follow it, the only person you are letting down is yourself. It means you have settled for second best of which life has to offer you. When it comes time to depart this world, no one else is going to look back on your life and regret not following your dream. If you were looking at your child, wouldn’t you hope they would follow their passions? Would you advise them to resist the urge to take risks? Would you advise them to settle with whatever they can get into?

My eldest two sons, over the years, have had to cope with me pointing out the things they were good at so they were aware that others can see their talents and interests, and maybe help them decide on a direction they love. They were also subjected to hearing what I thought they would be good at taking those interests and talents into consideration, thus encouraging them to think about what it is they would love to do so they didn’t end up working 20 years in a job they hate. My youngest is still in Primary School but he hears the same things.

glitter.08And I say ‘cope’ because they heard it often. Not every day, but often. I wanted them to know I wanted better for them than I had, that I had hopes for their future, and I was willing to help them however necessary to see them succeed in achieving a good start to adult life. They didn’t always want to hear it (because I had told them before), but I said it anyway.

My eldest two are taking risks. They are strong in their goals and have mini-goals to see them come true. Neither are allowing fear get the better of them. In fact, I don’t detect any fear in them, only determination and confidences. Even if they do have doubts, they aren’t focusing on them or letting them corrupt their goals. Neither are they letting it show.

I am immensely proud of them. Not many teens get to year 12 knowing exactly what it is they want to chase.

This was, and is, a long-term investment into my children’s future. There was always the risk my approach wouldn’t result in anything positive. But it has. My eldest have not let fear dictate to them they can’t achieve what they set out to achieve. They haven’t wanted to quit but have acknowledged to me some parts are difficult.

dream bubble.01However, I do believe this approach has worked. One has an apprenticeship, and one is going to Uni, both striving for what they love. They have told me they are after a career, not just a job, and they want their own businesses one day. This makes my heart sing! I want them to have what I didn’t – a life where they don’t have to struggle week to week.

These are two young men who will not have regrets at the end of their lives. If their dreams change, I am certain they will chase those ones too.

My dream has always been to be an author, and I have seen my dream come true. My dream now is to write a second book and take my first book to the next level of empowering women of all ages to take control back of their lives through workshops and other means. Sometimes, fear shows its ugly head, and I’m nervous as hell just thinking about the things I want to achieve, but I don’t let it rule me. I grab it by the horns and wrestle it to the ground!

multicolour.02We are all where we are because our decisions in life have led us here. It isn’t a mistake we are living what we are living. But it isn’t where you wanted to be, is it? When you left school, you imagined a much different future for yourself than this one, didn’t you? Or maybe you had no idea and just hoped for the best. Whichever way, your choices got you here.

What’s your dream? Are you living it? If not, why not? Is fear playing a big role in holding you back? And what are you going to do about it?

Do you want to be on the edge of the next life looking back wishing you had taken a risk on what your heart was longing for?

A dream prevented to thrive is like living with only half the oxygen you need to survive. You’re not living to your full potential, and you are robbing yourself of the very thing which will give your life, life!

Don’t drop your dream like a stone. Choose to fly like the eagle with your dream on your wings!!




2 thoughts on “DREAMING THE DREAM

  1. True! Dreaming the dream if you learn to say yourself “I don’t Hate me anymore”. Nice shared. Yes, we do have to dare to dreams, to take actions to convert it into reality. A thoughtful article for the people who want to achieve something in their life but limiting themselves! Love it! 😃👌


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