do you love the person in the mirrorIt isn’t much fun when you look in the mirror and hate the person looking back. You don’t tend to see anything good in that person. It’s hard to imagine anyone loving you the way you long for.

But are you looking in the right place for that love?

If you are looking everywhere except in the mirror, then you are going in the wrong direction.

I know that sounds like a contradiction – hating the person in the mirror but then looking to it for the answer. What you probably aren’t aware of is loving yourself IS the answer to finding the love you have always longed for.

For the only way to find the love you are looking for is to learn to love yourself.

Yep, it sounds corny, but it couldn’t be a truer statement. Because how can you find someone to love you right when you can’t even love you right?

Self-love is a majorly important part of a happy life. Without it, only negatives will be highlighted. The positives need a bit of work to find but every single one is worth the beads of sweat which took to discover it.

Until you learn to love the person looking back at you in the mirror, nothing in your life will ever change.


negativeWhen you wallow

In self-pity.

When you see negative


When you see the worst

In everyone.

When you think that

No-one cares.

When you feel like

mirror.01Nothing changes.

When your thinking

Stays the same.

When the mirror

Keeps on showing you

A person

Full of shame.

It’s hard to see

Your beauty.

beauty.01It’s hard to see

Your worth.

It’s hard to see

The value

Of your life

Upon this Earth.

It’s hard to hear

A compliment.

It’s hard to hearheart.01

The good.

It’s hard to hear

That someone

Loves you just

The way they should.

gift.01But most of all

And importantly

Self-love is

The richest gift.

Until you can

Move towards your love

Not a single thing

Will shift.

Written by Allison Rose Clark © 2018

you are worth more than gold

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