moonOnce upon a time in a country far, far away…..


Every fairy tale starts off that way, but not this one. This one is different.

It was a dark and stormy night…..

Nope. It doesn’t start like that either.

I’ll just begin, shall I?

Serafina was what the oldies liked to refer to as a Spinster, which in those days was just a name given to a woman over the age of 25 who has never been married and has no children.

Well, Serafina was living alone in a cabin on the edge of Wevar, a sleepy old town about half-way up Mount Hillier. Not that Mount Hillier was truly a mountain. It was more like a large hill meaning the town covered the whole top of the mountain and partly down the other side. Serafina’s Cabin was at the lowest part of Wevar, closest to the ground, and the first house anyone heading up Mount Hillier would come across.

Wevar TownSnow was something Wevarites didn’t experience in their Winters. It was mostly rain and wind. You can imagine their shock then when they woke up one wintery day to all this white stuff over everything! By the next day, though, it had all melted. I can tell you, all the kids were bitterly disappointed when school was back to normal.

As there had never been snow in Wevar before, no-one gave a thought about where the water would run.

It wasn’t long before someone found out, though.

Serafina found herself, well her cabin actually, moving at an incredible pace down the mountain!

farmhouse.01Luckily, as Mount Hillier was more like a large hill, she didn’t fall for long, and her cabin landed nicely in one piece at the bottom. No damage except for a bruised tail bone from having been thrown out of her lounge chair and onto the floor with a thud when her cabin came to a sudden stop.

From his kitchen window, a farmer watched as Serafina’s cabin slid down the mountain. When he saw it land at the bottom, he rushed over to see if anyone was in the cabin and if they were alright.

Upon arriving at the bottom of Mount Hillier, the farmer watched as Serafina walked out the front door. Their eyes met instantly. The farmer approached her, took off his hat and introduced himself as Victor.

Serafina and Victor did not fall in love at first sight. He was courteous, and she was shy, but there were no sparks.

farmers hatYou see, Serafina was not what folks in those days would consider attractive and it was something which kept her from finding her true love….one of her eyes turned outwards while the other one turned downwards.

No-one could tell where she was looking so people chose to not to be friends with her. They felt uncomfortable around her. Poor Serafina. It wasn’t her fault she was born with such a deformity.

And Victor, he was not what folks in those days would consider attractive and it was something which kept him from finding his true love….both his ears were like elephant ears – large and flappy, and if that wasn’t bad enough, one was larger than the other.

All the kids at his school would pick on him and dare him to jump off the school roof using his ears as wings. Poor Victor. It wasn’t his fault he was born with such a deformity.

These two people had long ago accepted they would live their lives alone.

heartNone-the-less, Victor invited Serafina to his house as she was understandably a bit shaken from her ordeal. There they chatted about all sorts of things – what it was like to live on Mount Hillier, and what it was like to be a farmer. The more they learned about each other, the more they found they had in common and had experienced the same things.

When they parted ways that night, both Serafina and Victor were starting to like each other. Over the next couple of days, while they grounded her cabin into the dirt, worked on the farm and ate meals together, they fell in love.

Victor and Serafina stopped seeing each other’s physical appearance and started to see each other for the beautiful people they are.

They were soon married and in the following Winter, became the proud parents of twin boys.

When their sons turned two years old, Serafina’s cabin was turned into a Bed, Breakfast and Café place as a rest stop for travellers who were heading up the mountain.

Moral of the story…..

Beauty radiates from within.

All cosy and snug in front of the fire while the freezing wind and ice-cold rain carries on outside. Two different worlds co-existing in the same place, separated only by a door. It’s not until you open that door, and walk through it, that you can truly find the unique beauty in both the warm and the cold. It might take a little while to find, but when you find it, life will never be the same again….Allison Rose Clark




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