Wonders and mysteries,

Miracles and gifts

Are scattered throughout

Our brief gracing.

Our eyes are blind.

Our ears are deaf.

Our thoughts and fears

Consume us.

Opportunities slip by,

Chances are missed

As we chase around

After the wind.

Written by Allison Rose Clark ©2016

Living life……..what a ride it can be! Good. Bad, Beautiful. Ugly. Wonderful and not-so-wonderful.

You’re not truly living if you never find yourself faced with choices from time to time which can take your life in an insurmountable number of directions.

opportunity.02Most of the time, we are so busy trying to survive, we miss out on opportunities when they present themselves.

Maybe you have a dream, and one day, you are offered the chance for it to become a reality. You um and ahh about it, considering varying factors which exist in your life, and then make a decision……you turn it down. Maybe you think the opportunity will come around again and maybe then you will be in a better situation where you can make time for it.

But what if it doesn’t? Did you just miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime chance?

Maybe you love your job and are looking for advancement in the company, and one day a position of promotion is advertised within the business which will require you to undergo further training and travel abroad, sometimes up to a month away from home. You um and ahh about it, and then make a decision…..you don’t put forward your interest in the position telling yourself the position is likely to come around again.

But what if it doesn’t? Have you just passed up on an incredible opportunity to forge a career?

opportunity.01Maybe you are looking for romance but are shy, and your friends tell you they have set you up on a blind-date for when they go to see a band on the weekend. You um and ahh and think about it all week. On the night……you don’t end up going, giving into your fears, and telling yourself there’s plenty of time to meet someone, no need to rush.

But what if they were “the” one? Have you just missed the opportunity to experience something great at the very least?

Maybe you are on a path at University in gaining your Degree, and during the process, you are given the opportunity to take on a job, which would greatly improve your financial situation, but will eat into your studying time. Maybe you think you can handle it and still find time to study. You um and ahh about it and then make a decision……you chose to take the job.

But what if you have to defer and never end up finishing your Degree because the job becomes too important to lose? Have you just compromised on your passion?

windThere are hundreds of examples where people have missed an opportunity, or not taken a chance on something, for which they now regret or wish they had taken the plunge.

Too many things have moved in and become so important in our lives, so entrenched as part of us surviving everyday life, that the thought of doing something different is incomprehensible for whatever reason we tell ourselves.

Our dreams remain dreams because life is like wind. Something blows past us and we chase after it thinking we know what it is, but when we catch it, it’s just a leaf. It’s not the gold we thought it was.

Take the opportunity to live your dream.

Take the chance on your passion.

Take the leap into the unknown.

Don’t let it drift by and become wind blowing around your head.


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