lemon oil DoTERRAFor the past thirteen months, I have been using essential oils in my life.

One of the oils I have been using is lemon oil. I put a few drops in my water every day. Not only does it naturally, gently and effectively rid my body of toxins found in my diet on a daily basis, it has had a tremendous impact on my respiratory system.

Prior to using the lemon oil, I suffered Hay Fever 24/7 all year round. I’d go through a box of tissues a week, or more if I had a particularly bad attack. Every time I had one of those bad Hay Fever attacks, it would trigger my asthma, and would leave me suffering the symptoms of having a cold which would sometimes last over a week.

My Hay Fever was triggered by dust, pollen, freshly cut grass, anything furry around my face, paint fumes, smoke from fires, cigarette smoke, and strong perfumes.

This condition has been in my life for as long as I can remember.

Hayfever tipsWhen I was about sixteen, my Nanna recognised my sneezing, runny and itchy eyes, and itchy nose and throat as Hay Fever and gave me a little blue tablet.

WOW! It was amazing! Couldn’t believe how good I felt! For the first time, I knew there was medication which could help.

Nanna never gave me the name of the tablet she gave me, so when I went to the Chemist, I tried all the Hay Fever tablets available – Zyrtec, Telfast, Claratyne, Aerius, Chemist brand – and NONE of them worked.

Eventually, I asked Nanna what it was she gave me. She told me it was Demazin.

Over the years, I have tried any new Hay Fever meds which have come on the market with the same result – nothing. The only medication which would help me was Demazin.

hayfever medicationsOne day, I asked the Pharmacist for Demazin Hay Fever tablets and was told Demazin don’t make Hay Fever tablets. The Pharmacist informed me they only had Cold and Flu tablets in Demazin. So, even though I was confused how I had been able to buy them up to this point for Hay Fever, I bought a packet anyway.

Maybe, I had always been buying Cold and Flu tablets?

From that day on, it was only Cold and Flu tablets which I used. And not only the Demazin brand, but any since I was now aware of what it was which had been relieving my Hay Fever. Except, of course, for when I tried the new products on the market. But it always came back to the Cold and Flu meds.

It made sense though. Hay Fever and Cold and Flu medications both relieve symptoms of runny nose, and watery and itchy eyes (which effectively helped relieve the itchy throat).

Demazin PEOnce I asked my GP if there was something I could use to prevent Hay Fever. The Demazin tablets were expensive and I pretty much needed to take them daily. It was concerning to me of any potential harm long term use of it could have on my body. One packet of Demazin non-drowsy cold and flu tablets was about $13.00 and contained just seven tablets. That works out to be around $1.80 per tablet!!

My GP recommended a nasal spray. He informed me that it may cause nose bleeds.

Well, it worked but the box instructed it was not for prolonged use, and to see a doctor if symptoms persist. Plus, it tasted awful going down the back of my throat. I wasn’t able to convince myself that was a good thing.

So, it was back to the cold and flu tablets – again. I resigned to the knowledge that this was the only method which worked for me.

DoTERRA single oilsThen I found DoTERRA.

May last year, I attended a workshop at my sister’s place, bought my membership through a kit, and promptly started adding a drop of lemon oil in my water every day for the natural detox effects lemon has on the body. It was a start to including them in my life for a healthier life using the oils which our bodies instantly recognise and know exactly what to do with, helping in any area which needs it, with no side effects, and which our body could quickly and safely absorb – almost instantly!

After a few months, I suddenly realised I hadn’t sneezed in ages! Due to only having used a few oils at that time, mostly the lemon oil, I looked them up and discovered lemon oil can help with respiratory health.

Lemon oil benefitsWOW! For the first time in my life I was Hay Fever free!

Every day! For the whole day!

Thirteen months on and STILL no sign of Hay Fever! I’m not stopping the lemon oil any time soon – afraid it will come back.

Lemon oil is the ONLY thing which has kept it away. No medications. All natural. No sleepiness.

It’s a pity Doctors don’t always like hearing about, or recommending alternative treatments. When I’d gone to my GP about a preventative all those years ago, he may have been able to recommend the lemon oil (in the same way he might advise to use Vicks if I had a cold) and I wouldn’t have had to endure the unbearable 24/7 all year round Hay Fever for another ten years.

If you’re not using essential oils in your life, but would like to, please contact me via this website or my email idonthatemeanymore@allisonroseclark.com for further information. You can also visit my DoTERRA page https://www.mydoterra.com/allisonclark28/#/ and check out our range.

My DoTERRA page Allison Clark

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