Wollongong 22.07.18_4I wrote the following poem (at the end of this blog) a couple of months ago when I was writing my high school program.

There is nothing greater you can give yourself than the gift of you own love.

“I Don’t Hate Me Anymore” was written from my own experiences and traumas which started in childhood and continued way into my adult life. For a long time, I didn’t realise that the reason why I wasn’t able to find someone who would treat me right, was because I didn’t treat me right.

What you think of and how you treat yourself is how you allow others to see and treat you also.

In other words, you hate yourself.

the more you love yourself.When you don’t like yourself, even on a subconscious level, you don’t really do anything to stop anyone from treating you the way you don’t deserve. You’re not thinking “I want to be treated this way” or “I don’t deserve to be treated better”, but it’s there in the depths of your mind controlling your attractions to people and your reactions to their treatment.

If you loved yourself, you wouldn’t allow anyone to treat you badly. You would have the confidence to speak up for yourself.

Of course, there are severe cases where this doesn’t fit, as there are exceptions to every rule. However, most of us women went through high school hating ourselves. We learnt to hate ourselves due to being bullied, or had things reinforced which were happening outside of school, or longed to be like the models in the magazines. Whatever find your voice.contributed, for the most part, the value we placed on ourselves stemmed from other people’s opinions. We put way too much importance on their thoughts of who we are.

Ever heard of the saying, “Be yourself because the people who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter”?

What about “What others think about you is none of your business”?

Or “The longest, greatest and most powerful relationship you will ever have is with yourself”?

Well, it’s all true. Every single word!

love yourself so muchWhen you decide you are worthy of your own love, you’ll find that you’ll tolerate less of the crappy treatment others have dished upon you. Once you have found your voice, you’ll stand up for yourself more. And when you have lit the fire in your belly, people will either respect you or they won’t. Those who don’t will drop out of your life and what you’ll be left with will be true freedom and happiness.

It’s a life changer!!

My book “I Don’t Hate Me Anymore” is a valuable resource in guiding women to love themselves so they are empowered to reject abuse when it happens. Check out my website here for further information or if you have any questions.

If you need to talk to someone call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636.

If your situation is urgent, call 000.


When you wallow

In self-pity.

When you see negative


When you see the worst

In everyone.

When you think that

No one cares.

When you feel like

Nothing changes.

When your thinking

Stays the same.

When the mirror

Keeps on showing you

A person

Full of shame.

It’s hard to see

Your beauty.

It’s hard to see

Your worth.

It’s hard to see

The value

Of your life

Upon this Earth.

It’s hard to hear

A compliment.

It’s hard to hear

The good.

It’s hard to hear

That someone

Loves you just

The way they should.

But most of all

And importantly

Self-love is a gift.

Until you can

Move towards your love

Not a single thing

Will shift.

…..Written by Allison Rose Clark © 2018

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