11.09.2018 Grandma House.side-01.01In June 2018, Grandma was admitted to hospital. My Aunty found her lethargic, hardly breathing and unresponsive and immediately called an ambulance. It was discovered she had heart problems, so the doctors put her on medication.

Upon hearing the news Grandma was in hospital, my first sister, my niece, my youngest son and myself decided we would take the trip to see her. We didn’t want to leave it in case the worst happened. None of us wanted to miss out on seeing her while she was still on this Earth. We’d rather miss her funeral than live with regret.

The day before we departed (unintentionally at 2:30pm), Grandma improved greatly and upon her insistence, she was allowed home with instructions she was allowed to do NOTHING! Good luck with that I thought when I found out.

On the way to Cobar 09.10.2018-the road.13.01At 12:30am, we arrived at my Uncle’s where we stayed during our visit. We could only stay for 2 days but it was better than nothing. We were excited to see Grandma.

Our whole time was spent with her, doing things for her, making her laugh and taking funny photos.

As Grandma is an incredibly independent person, she found it hard to not do anything, so the doctor agreed it was ok for her to do certain things provided she was sitting and didn’t exert herself.

On the second day we were there, she was determined to carry her clean clothing to her room and put them away, so I helped her – she carried them to the room and I put them where she directed. A good compromise and she was happy to be doing something.

Grandma declared she was planning on living to be 90 because all the women in her family haven’t made it that far so she was going to be the first. She was 86.

My Grandma isn’t one to accept being waited on, but she had to “suck it up” my Aunty told her or she wouldn’t make it. She knew she had no choice in the matter. Her health was just not good enough for her to do things the way she used to. Grandma would need to learn how to do things differently.

June 2018 Grandmas house.03.01Much to our disappointment, our visit was all too brief. Reluctantly, we went home, back to our normal lives.

Three weeks passed. Grandma was set up with home care and Meals On Wheels so she could remain at home with some independence. She was doing well on the medication and doing things for herself, so mum and dad returned home, mum promising to return to continue helping Grandma for as long as needed.

Two months went by. Grandma was doing well with the medication and getting around.

Tuesday, 4th September 2018 started out as any other day.

Mum and I attended bible study in the morning, which coincidentally was focused on the shoes of peace within the armour of God.

When we arrived back at my place, we talked for a while and then mum headed home.

Then the phone rang. It was mum. I thought she must have forgotten something. But I had no idea what was coming…….

Mum informed me Grandma was back in hospital with a heart rate of 27 and there was nothing the doctors could do except wait. The next 24 hours were critical and things didn’t look good.

Grandma Allie and Liam June.2018The cause? Her medication turned toxic in her system because she wasn’t drinking enough fluids while taking it. So, the very thing which was meant to be her ally unexpectantly turned into her enemy.

My cousin created a FB messenger group to keep everyone up to date. A few hours later, the group was notified she had been taken off oxygen and was being made comfortable. It was only a matter of time before God would call her home. Grandma wasn’t expected to see the day out.

Dad and mum together with my youngest sister and niece set out immediately to be by Grandma’s side – more than 800km and at least a 10 hour drive away – in the hope they would get there in time. I prayed God would give Grandma the strength to hold on until then because mum would never forgive herself for not going back to look after her when she had promised to do so.

On the 5th September 2018, at 11:30am, while standing at the counter of a club with my boyfriend and his mother, I received the sad news that you had passed away peacefully in hospital at about 11am surrounded by family.

I heard my heart shatter like glass.

Heaven gained an Angel that day.

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