Successfully Fearful

100Before I go into topic, I just want to say that this blog marks a momentous milestone in my blogging life. I can’t believe it but this is my 100TH BLOG since creating my site in 2015! Dunno about you, but I’m EXCITED!! And proud of myself for sticking it out and not giving up. So many times, I haven’t wanted to write, but with a little encouragement from some wonderful people, I have successfully completed a weekly blog for the past 2 years.

YAY! Go me!

What I would like to discuss with you this week is the number one fear of mine. It has accompanied me for a long time, a loyal friend from childhood, and has been persistent year in year out. It has accomplished much over the years in the form of stopping me from trying at things I really want to have a go at.

And this fear is….

fear of success is just another fear to conquer_allisonroseclarkTHE FEAR OF SUCCESS!

Yea, I know. How can someone be afraid of succeeding? Isn’t that what everyone wants – to succeed at something? To be successful? Whatever that may mean to them?


I want so much to be doing that which I love – and that is to write!

Oh, my soul would soar and sing like an angel if I could just write for a living.

See, I know failure. I know what to expect and the depths it can affect me. I know how failure behaves and can predict where it’s taking me. It’s familiar. It’s comfortable – much like the warm spot on the lounge from where you’ve been sitting. You move off, do whatever, and come back and sit in the same spot. Instantly, you’re filled with the familiarity and security of that spot. The “aaahhhh-sink-in-nicely” spot.

But success is a whole different kettle of fish.

Success is foreign to me.

Destiny is not a matter of chance_allisonroseclarkI don’t know it. It’s scary because I can’t predict its path, or how far it’s going to affect me, or where it’ll take me. It’s definitely not comfortable or familiar. And I hardly feel secure! Expectations of others, and pressure for me to deliver on my pitch increase the anxiety which seems to overwhelm me. I know my message is powerful, meaningful and inspiring, and to actually have others agree, give me a chance or to support me in any way is as foreign as success itself.

Human nature tells us to go back to what we know, where it’s familiar and feels safe. Failure is that for a lot of us who fear success, those of us who want to achieve more than what life’s dished out so far, and as a result, change their thinking patterns and self-talk. Our perceived safety is at risk and so anxiety sets in. It’s a lot of hard work to dig a new trench of thinking, and tiring, but worth the persistence.

Right now, my business venture isn’t capable of supporting me and my family. It’s been a struggle to get anything off the ground. Being an author trying to carve a path into helping others through my life experiences, is a lot of hard work. I’m up against organisations who have already created a niche for themselves doing similar things. But I offer something of value to add to what is already out there, not to replace it. Getting people to see it and give it a go – that’s the hard part.

Even though my old, faithful fear of success companion is always close by, I’m persevering, learning to listen to a different voice.

And I encourage you, too, to keep persevering towards whatever it is you are wanting to achieve.

fear of success is just another fear to conquer - allisonroseclarkFear of success is just like any other fear holding us back from our goals and dreams.

Fear of success is just like any other fear which needs conquering.

Fear of success, quite simply, is just another fear, full-stop!

Time for all this to morph into something more positive and energising! Like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes, reborn into something great and powerful, so is my fear changing into something greater than I could ever have imagined. Out of fear comes strength and passion, and so it should be reflected in the perception of my future.

What does fear of success transform into after it’s defeated?


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a passion for life and the strength to succeed_allisonroseclark

2 thoughts on “Successfully Fearful

  1. I agree the comfort of the familiar is more tempting than the anxiety of the unknown. Fear and excitement affect the same body part, what we can do is swap our fear of success with excitement for success by changing our expectations to resonate with the good value it will bring not the unknown negatives. Great blog!

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