Ahhhhh the ways life can throw in a spanner when you least expect it!

A spanner in the works!

Gotta love Mother Nature and her timing. Or not, she really doesn’t care either way.

Ready or not, she has her own agenda and you’ll be left to deal with whatever she throws your way. Like it or lump it either. You’re inconsequential to her plan……whatever that may be!! She keeps that to herself as well.  

Will it change you for the better……or for the worse?

That is all dependant on you, I’m afraid.

True, true. You’ve heard it before. But still you haven’t mastered how to react to her element of surprise. Have you?


Mother Nature – fire

Well, that in itself is of no real surprise. Because WHO EVER HAS? Not me! If anyone has, could you please give the rest of us some pointers? I’d love to be cool, calm and collected the next time Mother Nature decides I deserve a surprise 2000-piece puzzle to figure out. Panicking seems to be the only colour I can see when it first arrives. Followed closely by wailing and gnashing of teeth, concluding with a sudden fall into a heap on the floor at the end.

Well, it’s not really the end, but the beginning of dealing with the dilemma Mother Nature so kindly delivered.

It seems to be the way life rolls…….just when you think you have all your ducks neatly in a row, along comes a fox to threaten the peace. It’s then that’s when things turn to mush (or insert here any type of colourful word you desire).

The guarantee of life is there are no guarantees.

The promise of life is no-one escapes death. It waits patiently for each of us.

The rule of life is “don’t get complacent” because there’s no such thing as a trouble-free life.

No such thing as a trouble-free life

That’s what life has taught me, if nothing else. I’m sure you are all the same. Problems are inevitable, whether you deserve it or not.

Now, nothing this week has really happened to me of a challenging nature (touch wood) for me to be contemplating any of this life stuff. But I know a couple of friends who have had a delivery from a not-so-nice Mother Nature this week. Their puzzle this time probably feels like a 5000-piece one compared to the last one they put together.

My friends’ dilemmas reminded me I wrote a poem years ago about Mother Nature’s nature. While she is indeed nurturing and beautiful, she has a whole other side which is the complete opposite. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has Bipolar, she’s so erratic – one minute as calm as a cucumber, the next as crazy as I don’t know what!! A bit of a Jekyl and Hyde scenario.

Well, that brings me to the part where I share with you my poem, as I have nothing more to add to these wonderings. Feel free to share your thoughts or experiences, or advice, in the comments section. In the meantime, don’t let Mother Nature’s nature surprise you.





When life decides she is going to be cruel,
She does not soften the blows.
She cares not for your feelings,
If it’s right or makes sense.
She cares not for your opinion
Or if you give her permission
And gives you no choice.
She follows no rules
Or morals
Or values
And there is no policy in place.
She only acts on her own accord,
Following her own agenda.  

Written by Allison Rose Clark © 2010

When Life Decides, you don’t get a choice, she does her own thing.

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