2019, I have decided, is going to be a different kind of year.

Gone are my blogs about my opinion and thoughts on anything and everything. Though, I can’t say that it’ll be forever. We’ll see how things go.

No, I’m going to show case some of my talent in writing stories. Not just short ones as I’ve done in the past. But longer ones which span over a number of weeks until it comes to its conclusion.

In the future, I plan on compiling them into a book, or books. A collection of my weird, wacky, strange, funny (or not-so funny), and “what the?” stories.

The success of these future adventures, whose characters are presently only a sentence long in existence waiting patiently to be taken from the coaster to the page, will be dependent on you, my readers. Your feedback is needed to secure their fate. Will they be on a home run or put on death row? How will I know if my stories are crap or fantabulous unless you tell me? My stories need your honesty, and so do I.

So, just a short one today, but stay tuned for my story adventures of 2019 to begin next week.

I’m excited!!

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