WomELLE Magazine - interview - Allison Rose ClarkAaaaaand 2019 continues to be a fantastic year!

“I Don’t Hate Me Anymore” has been featured in Ymag, on NFReads and Pretty Progressive, and appeared at the London Book Fair in March.

And now I can add WomELLE Magazine to that 2019 list (in America! Have I made it big time yet? haha)

Who is WomELLE, I hear you ask? 

Taken straight from their website…..

WomELLE is a business social networking community that brings women across the globe together to share ideas and provide guidance that allows us to achieve our collective and individual goals….The mission of WomELLE is to support and promote women in all aspect of business and leadership to ensure advancement….WomELLE Magazine is a print and digital leadership Magazine that made its debut in 2017. WomELLE Magazine targets women who are in business, leadership and tech….Our community believes in the sharing of ideas between women to encourage and equip a new generation of female leaders and entrepreneurs. WomELLE identifies and provides support to up-and-coming women in the business world….

(WomELLE, 2019)

How about that?! 

Empowering women is my heart, passion and direction in life. It’s what drives me to complete the two courses I’m currently undertaking so I can be a better advocate for abuse against women. 

Head on over to WomELLE Magazine and read this month’s issue. You’ll find my interview on pages 38 and 39 (page 20 spread). They’ve done a magnificent job! I can’t thank them enough!

Thank you Naghilia Desravines, Founder/CEO, for giving me the opportunity to share my heart and business with your readers. 

WomELLE Magazine


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I Dont Hate Me Anymore - Allison Rose Clark

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