WEEDS…….every gardener’s nightmare

Skeleton-Weed-Group-sqLogoWhen I was a little girl, my family used to go on regular long-distance trips to western NSW, or to Queensland to visit relatives. Often, we would stop on the side of the road for a break, especially as we got older and the laws changed regarding driving long distances particularly at night, seat belts and not being able to travel lying down in the back of the station wagon. On the side of the road, it was hard not to notice the prickly weeds and grass. They weren’t appreciated. None-the-less, the journey continued, with no further thought about the weeds on the side of the road.

Lantana-camara-weedHave you ever stopped and taken any notice to the flowering weeds on the side of the road? Some of them are quite noxious, and strangle our native plants. However, many of them are quite beautiful. Unless you knew exactly what it was, you could be forgiven in thinking it was a rather lovely flower, no different to any other. The second you’re told it’s a weed, your attitude changes to disgust and your instinct tells you to get rid of it, kill it, you don’t want to be near it or to touch it. You move away. However, no matter of it being a weed, it still displays a beautiful flower.

calendar quote.4Our communities always have people amongst them they consider to be weeds. These people tend to be stereotyped, are subject to judgement and shunned by others.

Well, just like the beautiful flowering weeds on the side of the road, there is more than meets the eye of those within communities, who see these certain types of people as weeds.

Many people do not see any worth in the poor derelict areas of our community, the beauty and worth of the people, the value they could add to the community, the love they have for each other. Really, to be honest, so-called weeds aren’t limited to an income, we are defined by our actions_allisonroseclarkreputation, employment, or mental health. They may be your neighbour, your work colleague, your best friend’s child, or the black sheep of the family; someone you view as a prickle in your bum.

There is one person, though, who does care about these people, and that is God. He sees beauty and worth in the things we don’t. He sees their value, a diamond in the rough, someone worth saving, A person who you might perceive as being a problem, regardless of their social standing, might be a weed to you. After all a weed is anything growing where you don’t want it to be growing. To God, however, they are exactly where they’re meant to be, and He loves them regardless of their mess.

Whether or not you believe in God, maybe at one point in time, you were a weed to someone and/or society. No matter how it goes, though, it’s like this …………

There is beauty in the weeds.


Challenge yourself this week – try to find something pleasant/positive about smeone you view as a weed in your life. If you’d like to further challenge yourself, you could share your results in the comments below. Not that brave but still want to share your experience? Feel free to send me a message via “contact me”.

May the world in which you live, be transformed.


Picture sources:






And from my own personal collection 🙂

Lupins considered weed in Canada - httpswww.pinterest.com.auOxalis purpureaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcomparison skeleton weed with other weeds

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