Mum keeps me in

The bathroom at night

I don’t like it very much.

So, as soon as I

Hear someone up,

I carry on with a meowing fuss.

But you know what?

I think she ignores me.

How rude is what I say,

‘Coz by the time

She lets me out

I’m sure it’s already midday!

Well, out I run

And rub her leg

Like I didn’t mind at all

That I loved being

In the bathroom

On a cold hard tiled floor.

Don’t tell her I like my treats

And warm and comfy bed.

I think it’s just a trick

To get me in the bathroom

‘Coz I run around her

Real quick.

I will tell you why

I am so fast

For mum, at night, too catch me.

I skitz around

The house all day

And chase anything I see.

Doesn’t have to be real.

I see it in my head.

I use my imagination.

But it’s how I do my training

For my evening sprints

To avoid incarceration.

There’s other things I like to do

Just for the sake of it.

I have so much fun!

I climb over everything

And jump around real high.

Down the hallway I run.

I meow at mum continuously.

Sit at the door and cry

Or sit in Grandma’s chair.

Mum’s a real hard nut to crack

But eventually, we go outside.

I like it best out there.

Adventure and exploring.

The birds, they are much closer.

The lizards, gee their quick!

I like chasing butterflies,

Poke my nose under the fence,

Or sit under a chair and think.

After dinner, when the

Sky is dark,

Mum sits playing on her phone.

That’s when I like to

Sit upon her shoulder,

Like a King upon his throne.

Well, now it’s time for bed

And go into the bathroom

Which really isn’t bad.

‘Coz here comes my tasty treat

And my warm and comfy bed.

A good day I’ve had!

Goodnight, my friends

And see you in the morning

When the day starts anew.

But don’t tell my mum

I like my treats

And comfy bed there too.

© 2020 Allison Rose Clark


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