About “I Don’t Hate Me Anymore”

On 31 January 2018, my book “I Don’t Hate Me Anymore” was released. It’s an interactive self-help memoir aimed at helping to empower women to reject abuse.

Since then I appeared in the Illawarra Mercury regarding my book launch in line with International Women’s Day. Three radio stations interviewed me regarding my book – Pulse 94.1fm (Wollongong), Family 96.5fm (Brisbane) and Wave 96.5fm (Wollongong). Just recently, my book appeared in YMag, a fairly young magazine helping to empower women so they can find their Y in life, after they contacted me. It was in the YReads section with three other books.

My passion in life is to inspire women to love themselves and reject abuse by empowering them through sharing my story and what I’ve done in order to “not hate me anymore”. It doesn’t stop at inspiring others but encourages the reader to carry out activities which I, myself, adhere by to this very day, in order to know, and remind myself, what it is I need. No matter who you are, this book is a must for anyone who has ever hated the person looking back at them in the mirror.

My life journey includes four domestically abusive relationships, three of whom I married and one nearly cost me my life, been sexually assaulted and bullied as a child, had friends betray me and treat me worse than my enemies, lived with mistreated and undiagnosed mental health issues.

“I Don’t Hate Me Anymore” can be read as an inspirational story, used like a healing journal, and/or in conjunction with counselling.

In the pursuit of helping women, and using my book as inspiration, I’ve developed a set of five workshops. It’s my hope to use this tool as another way of getting my message across to as many women as possible. My five-year goal involves high schools, women’s centres and support groups, businesses and speaking opportunities.

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