Who is Allison Rose Clark?


I was born in 1974 at Port Kembla Hospital, delivered by our local GP. Two sisters followed me into the family in the pursuing years. Our first residency was in Warrawong on Flagstaff Road. At some point in 1978, my parents were given a newly built townhouse to live in on Rothery Road, Bellambi, by the Housing Commission (now Department of Housing). Beautiful townhouses they were!

The year 1979 saw me start Kindy at Bellambi Public School, followed by one of my sisters in 1980. I have such wonderful fond memories of my time at that school. Many of my friend’s names are etched in my mind forever! I often wondered where they were, what they looked like, what they were doing, etc. To this day, I still have a Christmas card given to me by one of my friends. She spelt my name wrong haha! But it has been a treasure to me, a connection to another life, a different person. A lot happened after Bellambi. I got lost.

In 1981, my parents were able to swap our townhouse for a house in Warilla and we’ve been there ever since – 34 years!

School life at Warilla North Primary School and subsequent Lake Illawarra High School, were not happy years for the most part. I would be lying if I said I miss those years. But I would also be lying if I said no one touched my life during those years. And in the same manner in which I wondered about my Bellambi friends, I wondered about these people too.

Enter Mr Shearer and Miss Wise, 1984. I was in 4th class. It was during this class that Mr Shearer and Miss Wise, introduced us to poetry. It was love at first sentence! Words and I had a new understanding of how we could work together!

So, that is how my love affair with writing was born, and will only die when I do 🙂

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