Saints Loving Day

Last night, I sat down and wrote a fantastic blog. Then I woke up this morning and realised it was Valentine’s Day. I decided that I would write a different one for such an occasion. Normally, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. None of my partners in the past have ever shown any inkling of being … Continue reading Saints Loving Day


You can now secure your copy of "I Don't Hate Me Anymore" before it even hits the Australian shore. Simply click on the "Book Sales" tab and follow the instructions outlined for you to soon own a copy of my first ever published book. Your journey to healing, loving yourself healthily, and reducing abuse in … Continue reading PRE-SALES ORDERS ARE NOW OPEN!


 Written by Allison Rose Clark © 2014 I am the eldest of three girls. All sisters. No brothers. Growing up with my two sisters was interesting, challenging, and hilarious. When my first sister came along, we were inseparable. We were extremely close. Many times my parents were asked if we were twins. We attended the … Continue reading WE SISTERS THREE

HOW DO YOU VIEW YOURSELF? With love or with hate?

If ever I have to say anything about myself, it is that I am not a victim of people and their games, but a survivor of the extremes they have put me through. Being myself has never come easy because I got lost in the sea of other's standards, but slowly I am learning who … Continue reading HOW DO YOU VIEW YOURSELF? With love or with hate?