WEEDS…….every gardener’s nightmare

When I was a little girl, my family used to go on regular long-distance trips to western NSW, or to Queensland to visit relatives. Often, we would stop on the side of the road for a break, especially as we got older and the laws changed regarding driving long distances particularly at night, seat belts … Continue reading WEEDS…….every gardener’s nightmare


In June 2018, Grandma was admitted to hospital. My Aunty found her lethargic, hardly breathing and unresponsive and immediately called an ambulance. It was discovered she had heart problems, so the doctors put her on medication. Upon hearing the news Grandma was in hospital, my first sister, my niece, my youngest son and myself decided … Continue reading IT’S NOT GOODBYE, IT’S SEE YOU LATER…..part one


When it comes to donating the organs of yourself or your loved ones, it is a serious decision which is literally a life and death situation. What would you do if faced with being placed on a waiting list for yourself or a loved one? Would you accept if you previously declined to be a donor? Or would you stick to the decision which led you to decline being a donor in the first place? And will your decision for your own body influence the wishes of someone directly related to you, such as a child, or parent, or spouse? Or would you not even blink twice at the life altering generosity of what an organ donation would mean to someone dying?