Blow me down with a feather! Next Tuesday is Christmas Day! Where has the year gone?! I was walking around the neighbourhood on Monday night. Not by myself, silly, with my partner of five months. We walked around looking at the Christmas lights. It was a beautiful night for it. WOW! The displays varied and … Continue reading MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


While attending a healing retreat in January 2004, I had an incredible experience with a red dragonfly. As I walked down the path to one of the workshops, a red dragonfly followed me the whole way down. On the way back to my room after the workshop, a red dragonfly followed me all the way … Continue reading I’VE BEEN DRAGONFLIED!!


Life goes far too quickly. At the moment, my life revolves around a job – leave home 8am and arrive home about 6-6:30pm. Any time left over outside of driving to and from is taken up by things which need to be done such as cooking, showers, homework, feeding the dog, washing up, etc. At … Continue reading EXISTING…..OR…..LIVING…..?